The Ultimate Struggle Being a Female Football Fan

It’s playoff season, and in just a few weeks Superbowl 50 will be here. It’s the season for all those real football fans to be glued to their television on Sunday’s or breaking their wallet for football tickets. Who says a girl can’t be a real football fan? Here are some real struggles of a girl who is a die-hard football fan:

WHY are pink jerseys a thing?

Lets be honest, if you are wearing a pink jersey, you are not a true football fan. Please, for everyone's sake, stop wearing them.


When men expect you to cook the game day snacks.

I’m sorry, but I want to be glued to the TV just as much as you are. I am not missing that rush down the field to make some mozzarella sticks. No.


When you actually know more about the game then the guys.

No doubt that girl who loves watching football will know more about the game then some of the guys, but you will NEVER hear a guy admit that. 


When your love for football is not taken seriously.

You could know every single player that was on the team and someone would still say you are not a “true fan.” No matter how much you love a team, someone is bound to call you a bandwagon fan.


When people only think you like football because of your boyfriend.

Why can’t I have my own opinion, not in the shadow of my boyfriend? Truth be told, I enjoy watching football more!


Watching the game with a group of other girls is impossible.

As painful as it is to admit, some of your friends may not like football as much as you. You find talking during the game and not paying attention extremely rude.


You take football personally.

When your team loses or a player gets hurt, you may actually shed a tear. And you better not hear one single person talk bad about your team….


Will there ever be a day people will take girls loving football seriously?