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Types of Spring Break’s As Told By New Girl

It's finally here. 


We all know there are endless opportunities for bomb spring break destinations or staycations if that's what you're in to. So we're going to talk about some of the destinations but as characters in New Girl.  Some minor spoilers ahead! 

PCB Or any other party beach- CeCe

The friend that gets a little wild on the weekends but is still trying to get it together. They're probably of the what happens on spring break stays on spring break and we ain't mad about it! Like Cece they're a party wherever they go and always have the craziest stories. I mean her Bachelorette party was in the back of a box truck and she did get so drunk she bought a light up wedding dress. 

Big City- Schmidt 

This person is the one who goes to places like NYC, Tokyo, LA and spends a ton of money on instagramable food but at least one night ends up exactly like the hangover. Like Schmidt they love the luxury of it all but do get a little wild when the mood strikes. They're not the friend that's cool crashing on couches or Motel 6's so keep that in mind when planning something with them. Schmidt is super "hip" and uses words like hashtag and driving moccasins in normal conversation but lets be honest he crushes it. He wanted his bachelor party to be in Tokyo for Gods sake. 

Museums or Work Related Trips- Jess

These are the friends that are spending break networking, working, learning or anything else that makes break exactly not a break. This is the Jessica Day of your group. Like Jess they love learning and working and other mentally stimulating things like knitting and puzzles. But we love them anyway and low key wish that we had that motivation. You also know that every once in a while they get wilder than anyone else you know. See: the blowout episode or Cece's bachelorette party.

 Anywhere that's cute and has fruity drinks (Disney world, Nashville, Beaches)- Winston

This friend is really really into fruity drinks. Like really. They also love anything that's cute and adorable so that makes them the perfect candidate for somewhere like Disney World where you can get sloshed and still see the cutest things in the world. Much like Winston this friend probably has a really cute pet that they're obsessed with and probably really feels themselves and dances on elevated surfaces after about a drink and a half. You love them anyway and honestly they're the best type of drunk even if they get a little weird... at least they wont get arrested or in a fight!  


Staycation- Nick Miller


The friend that locks themselves in their apartment and lives off of pizza and Netflix for the whole week is Nick Miller through and through. They've been counting down the days for the chance to be so lazy that the only time they get out of bed is to pee. That honestly sounds like a dream after a week of midterms and as much as you want to say that it's lame you're a little jealous of all of the money they're saving and all of the rest they're getting. 

Happy spring break everyone! Enjoy your time no matter which character sums you up! Take lots of pictures and send them to us! See you in a week!


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