The Top Ten Most Overused Halloween Costumes

1. Gift from God
This costume is so over done and offensive, like, really? God's gift to men. The same applies when it is a man wearing a bow saying "God's gift to Women." Really, what makes you so special?
2. Lumberjack
Sure it is an easy costume, but everyone is doing it these days! We need to get more creative!
3. School Girl/Boy
AKA the nerd costume. The costume where you either wear your parents old clothes, or buy something tight and plaid and put on some suspenders. 
4. Cat


There is literally almost no one who has not tried the cat at least once. It seems to be the first go-to idea when picking a costume. The result is usually bunch of  people who apparently dont know what a cat actualy looks like.

5. Eskimo


The Eskimo, or the excuse to wear a really short dress and furry boots. Real eskimos lived in the far North and this costume is a terrible imitation of how they looked. Can you say cultural appropriation? 

6. Bride


For some reason, the Bride is a really popular one, which really doesn't make much sense, even if the dress is a decent length. Women as a whole talk about how marriage sucks, then we all decide to go and dress up as a bride for Halloween. I don't get it.

7. Nun


The nun can be okay, but you never see the long robes and flat shoes anymore. It is always mini skirt length dresses with shiny heels. Way too many people are doing it for its simplicity, but if you are doing a nun, please dont do it like this.

8. Devil

The devil. There is so much to be said about this one, and not much of it is good. First of all, where the heck did the idea for a devil looking like this come from? Even if you do a more modest devil it is still just plain overdone.

9. The Scary Clown


This one is overdone terribly. If you are going to over use a clown costume, can't we at least make it pleasant and not something out of a child's nightmare?


10. Pirate

the last overused costume idea is a pirate, whether you are a sexy pirate, or a normal pirate, unless you can pull off Jack Sparrow's level of awesomeness, you really shouldnt try this costume because ten million other people are going to have the same idea this year!