Top Five Tailgatin' Season Snacks

So it's finally football season, which means it's time to tailgate. If you're like me, you're dreaming about the food more than the game, or the booze for that matter. But what do you make? Dips? Burgers? Something more extravagant? Don't stress another minute! We've got our top five tailgatin' season snacks (with recipes of course). So get your grocery list ready, it's about to grow! Here's some footage of what we all look like on game day just to show how important this list (and Pinterest page!) really are! 

Let's get started...

1-Buzzard Dip/ Best Dip/ Sausage Dip

It's three ingredients. That's it. Cream Cheese, Rotel, and a pack of sausage (I usually use one pack of Neese's). It's so simple you basically just mix the three together and grab some chips. It literally has a million names though so just look at the ingreidients if you arent sure... Who doesn't love a dip that takes less than five minutes to make?

2- Buff Chick Celery Sticks

Okay first off, how precious is the name? Second off, it's everyone's favorite bar foods all together on a convenient celery boat. What else could you really need from a tailgate snack other than a cute name and easy delivery? 

3-Chicken & Waffle Sliders

Chicken & waffles are literally God's gift to this planet. Chick-Fil-A however is our gift to the tailgate. So go scoop a tray and some of the mini egos and you're good to go. Maple Syrup optional, but encouraged.

4-Football Cupcakes

So I know better than to get crafty with icing so my best advice to make these cute little crowd pleasers is to buy chocolate cupcakes and a bag of white icing and draw the lines on the store bought version, but if you're confident in you're skills, you go 'head girl. 

5-Cowboy Caviar  This is my go-to for parties, tailgates, movie nights, or basically anything else. It's just a bunch of vegetables and Italian dressing and if you're feeling spicy, a little seasoning salt. But it usually costs under 5 dollars and takes less than five minutes to make! So that's a win win. 

So those are our top five choices, but our Pinterest page has dozens of recipes to choose from. Including Football cake pops, pepperoni rolls, cannoli dip and even an intensive guide to Jello shots. Because we all know that's the real key. Happy Tailgatin' y'all!