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Top 5 Spring Break Destinations: Boone

Here are my Top 5 recommendations on places to see and things to do if you’re planning on spending your spring break in the beautiful town of Boone, NC. Some are typical spring break activites (the bars of course) and some are for the more adventureous: 

5: Shop on King Street

What’s spring break without a little shopping? The best part of shopping on King Street is always shopping local. Some App State students even sell merchandise in stores! You can get some App State gear, a new outfit, art, and even cinnamon rolls! You name it, King Street probably has it. 

4: The Waterfalls and Swimming HolesIn the off chance it’s not snowing or below 40 degrees, there are tons of swimming holes and waterfalls that are Instagram worthy. Most of these hidden jems are exactly that: hidden. However, they are usually found off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. A quick Google search can easily point you in the right direction. 

3: Mast General StoreMast General is a staple of the High Country. Like I said earlier, what is spring break without a little shopping? This time you have three stores to choose from and they all have very different atmospheres. The original Mast General has live music, art, candy, history, you name it! The next one is best known for the candy barrell that takes up half the store. Any old fashioned candy you can think of, they probably have. The third one is located in downtown Boone and is a really interetsing combination of the other two. I would definitely recommend if you have a sweet tooth or just love comfy clothes.

2: The Bars*IF YOU’RE OF AGE OF COURSE*  Like most college towns, Boone has no shortage of bars, and every one of them has their own personality. On any given night, at least one of the bars in town is bumping because A: Taco Night B: Wing Night or C: It’s finally Thursday. TApp has a porch for those sunny days when you just want a beer, Galileo’s has Trivia (Friends and Harry Potter Trivia included), and The Local has every throwback jam you didn’t know you needed. 

1: Rough Ridge and The Rest of The Parkway

Did you really go to Boone if you didn’t take the Rough Ridge pic? The answer is: no. So take at least one day to explore the parkway and everything it has to offer. Boone is absolutely full of adventure. All you have to do is find it.







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