Tips For Surviving Formal Weekend

You’ve been asked to a fraternity spring formal and feel like you’ve just gotten a golden ticket. You’ll get to spend a weekend on the beach with your cutie and more than likely your close friends. There’s a couple catches… you have to buy and paint a cooler, and fill it up with all sorts of goodies. Also, you realize you’ll be at the beach, gone for a weekend, expected to rage with the boys from dusk to dawn and not let your high maintenance tendencies show. Now you begin to panic. Never fear collegiettes, here are some tips on surviving formal.

First things first, don’t compare your cooler crafting ability to other girls. Some of us just aren’t as creatively inclined to create a masterful mural with no help from stencils or transferred letters and pictures. Your date will love it because you made it to fit what he likes! Also don’t think that he gets all of your crafty perks, go ahead and decorate yourself a handheld bubba keg to get your drink on with for the weekend.

There’s another thing, drinks. Now, traditionally, coolers are filled up with your date’s preferred alcoholic beverages… but what happens when the weekend shenanigans have come to an end and your body is begging for hydration? Before setting out on your weekend of fun in the sun, head to the store and stock up on some water bottles, Gatorade and plenty of snacks, like chips and lunchables, to have for the ride there and the days spent on the beach when you’ll surely be getting some “drunk munchies” and need to absorb all that liquid. Other things to look to bring could be sparklers, koozies, a beach ball or football, and some candy… you’ll be the best date for having such fun surprises up your sleeve!

While preparing to head down to formal, you’ll also want to make a list of things to pack. Don’t forget underwear or deodorant, definitely pack sunscreen, your best foundation that will help conceal areas you get too much sun on, water proof mascara, a spare dress for the dinner just in case someone forgets theirs or has an outfit emergency and needs to change dresses at last minute, and a spare pair of shoes that aren’t heels or wedges but still cute enough for the night of formal dinner.

If you’re staying in a hotel you’ll probably have some complimentary bath necessities, but it’s smart to have your own travel sized shampoo, conditioner, and body wash because who knows if your date or roomies for the weekend will end up using that. Don’t forget to bring an extra towel, the hotel will provide some but those will get used up fast from beach and pool time, as well as showers. Speaking of extra things to bring, if you don’t know your date too well you can always bring your own pillow and blanket in case he ends up being a bed hog or you don’t want that close of contact. He may have asked you to his formal, but all you should feel obligated to do is make a cooler, if he wants one, and stock it up with goodies for the weekend for the both of you.

While at formal, don’t feel like you can only socialize with your date or the people you know there. This is a great opportunity to meet new people and gain new friendships after the weekend comes to an end. A formal weekend can people come together when they otherwise wouldn’t have. Take the opportunity of this weekend to put aside the stress of school and jobs, and just enjoy sittin’ pretty in suntan city.


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