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Time Management: Tips to Stay Sane, Educated and Paid

Time management is a large word that simply means, you don’t have much free time to spare.  As I’ve gotten older it’s easy to see that many things swirl around in my brain these days. If you want the shortened list: work on weekends, school and multiple group projects scattered throughout the week, and the never ending need to be socially aware of my final year of college.  Should I be afraid? Probably so, but I’ve found that when things are listed out for me it appears less scary.  If you are like me and stretch yourself thinly, here are a few tips to help you maintain your buzzing life!

1. Planner 

OMG planner planner planner!!!! !!!!!!! Write it all down. Depending on your workload and writing style will determine the size of the planner you will need.  I personally love when everything is spaced out so I can see it all laid out in a neat order. 

2. Color Code 

Okay, you’ve got a groovy planner with the awesome watercolor artwork on the front with gold lettering (speaking from experience) and now you have to separate your life out with some rad pens! Pick your colors for each task, class, etc. Make it your own! Make it make sense to you! 

3. Homework before a big shift at work

Why?? Because you’re going to want nothing more than to crawl into your bed and turn on mindless TV so you can finally shut off for the day. This is where you’ll need to write in your awesome new planner, with your rainbow pens about when you’ll have time to do the work that otherwise would not get done. Then you can get off work and snuggle your pup and watch Grey’s for the hundredth time. 

4. Packing a lunch or packing snacks ahead of class time

This is why you don’t have to wait to grab food, your brain is fed and you’re not triggered by little things because you’re hangry. HANGER is a real epidemic. Plan ahead so you don’t suddenly question your entire life after your 10 o’ clock class. Meal prep doesn’t have to be so strenuous. If peanut butter and jelly sandwiches make you happy, please eat one and don’t become angered at your group members.

5. Write your work schedule in your planner

Because your school work will be paired with your work work. Get it all down so you can visually see what needs to be done and what is expected of you. 

6. Prioritize your tasks 

Huge test coming up?? Highlight it up, make sure that you see it everywhere! Write on the days before that it is due so you know that it needs to get done. 

7. Make time for friends and family 

Your relationships are important to success. Obviously school and work are important but we are social beings and you didn’t get to this point in life on your own. Show the people that matter to you the most that you see their support and you love them. Taking a weekend off work once and a while will not hurt you. 

8. Mental rest

Time management wouldn’t be very useful if it never gave you a mental break. Always remember what you can handle in your day to day routine. Cook, paint, relax in a face mask and get in a bubble bath. Create a space where you can relax and unwind. Time management is most effective when it allows you the ability to take breaks and recharge. 



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