Things You Hear When People Find Out You’re Engaged at 21

Being engaged at 21 means there is no shortage of interesting comments about why, when, how, and don’t you feel like you’re missing out? As if I forgot I was 21, not 30.

So allow me to share my top 10 favorite comments so far:

1: *inaudible shrieking*

Ok, so this one is actually one of my favorites. Nothing beats when someone is genuinely happy for you and excited to be a part of it. So excited, in fact, that their congratulations turn to squeals only a dog could hear.

2: “Why though?”

Well, one would assume that after 5 years of dating, getting engaged is the next step, especially when you love the person you’re with and couldn’t imagine doing life with anyone else. I didn’t ask you why you’re wearing Chaco’s and socks, did I?

3: “So are you, like, getting married and coming back to school or dropping out?” 

Ok, so, no. I’m getting married after I graduate, which is a year away, not a lifetime. Degree first, marriage second. Why does me being engaged make “College Dropout” start playing in your head?

4: “WTF!”

So this has happened more than once. It’s usually by “friends” of mine who are older than me, and whose boyfriend hasn’t popped the question yet. Ironically, none of the people who have acted that way have been with their S.O. for more than a year or so. So pump the breaks on your sass or take it up with your boo. 

5: “Don’t you feel like you’re missing out?” 

Have you ever lied in your bed, in your pajamas, with literally the hottest guy you can imagine while eating pizza right out of the box and watching Netflix? Because I have. So who’s the real winner here? I’ve also gone to some of the wildest parties you can imagine, but instead of wondering who I was going home with, I just did me instead. I actually get more upset when I miss Netflix and snacks than I do when I miss a real banger.

6: “You’re a little young, don’t you think?” 

No, Barbara, I don’t think. My parents got married when they were 19 and 20, and they honestly have one of the greatest marriages I know. The kicker is when you’re with a group of people talking about your wedding and the Barbara of the group decides to inform the rest of the group that no one should get married this young…. always interesting to hear why we should wait though.

7:  “It’s about time!”

There are just as many people who are excited for us as there are people who aren’t fans. If you know me, or you know James, you know there isn’t another person in the world that matches the other like we do. I always say that I’ve been in love with him since the first day I saw him. I really have. We’re like that rom-com where the perfect person was there all along but it never worked out. But with a lot more awkward encounters, and funny stories.

8: “Oh you’re engaged? I’m invited to the wedding right? Of course I am” 

Says maid-of-honor's best friend’s second cousin twice removed. Look, I would literally love to invite every single human who watched this relationship grow. But, like everyone keeps saying, I’m only 21. Fresh out of college. It’s a miracle when I can get chips with my Chipotle.

9: “Are you pregnant?”

I’m sorry, what? So you mean to tell me that deciding to get married automatically means I’m pregnant? Do I look pregnant? Why is it such a far-fetched idea to people these days that I may just want to get married? I’m pretty sure if I decided to give up everything and move into the woods to be a hermit, I would get so many less condescending comments than when people find out I’m engaged because I want to be.

10: “Aren’t you worried he’ll get tired of you?”

I’m very confident that he won’t, actually. The longer we're together, the more he loves me because it means we've been through more and have grown more. And for the record, I think I only get better looking with age. Men aren’t these overly sexual animals that can’t be satisfied physically or emotionally with one woman. That’s not real life, Sis, and if it’s the life you’re leading with your man, get you a new one.