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Things Girls Say and Do That Guys Don’t Understand

1. *Puts on a fashion show* “What should I wear?”

2. *Takes a million Snapchats until she finally captures a decent one* …Right after she sends it: “OMG I shouldn’t have sent that.”

3. “Do you think he’ll text/Snapchat me back?” *Stresses about it seconds after it was delivered until she finally gets a response*

4. It’s the end of the world if he read her text or opened her Snapchat and didn’t respond. She automatically assumes the worst.

5. “Every girl needs a gay best friend.”

6. “Does this make me look fat?”

7. “I’m fine.” (Meaning the complete opposite)

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8. “I need to lose my love handles.”

9. Going to the bathroom with one (or more) of her girlfriends.

10. Acting cautious about the way she eats around guys.

11. Trying to hide that she is high-maintenance by attempting to please whomever she’s with and ‘go with the flow,’ but throwing a fit when something doesn’t go her way.

12. Claiming she needs a nice guy but only goes after the bad boys and ends up “friend-zoning” the ones she should be dating.

13. Waiting for the guy to text her and make the first move.

14. Using an Emoji only for that someone special (C’mon, it’s a BIG deal).

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15. “Do I have to dress up?” (Because most of the time, she just wants to bum it)

16. Crying easily.

17. Changing into several different outfits in a single day.

18. Obsessing over Pinterest.

19. Practicing ‘twerking’ in the mirror with no shame.

20. “Guess who un-followed me?!”

21. “I’m so bloated.”

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22. Giving her Woman Crush Wednesday a shout-out on Instagram because she can.

23. Casual roommate dance parties.

24. “I need to shave.”

25. Matching her undergarments with her outfit, and somehow it makes her feel like her life is put together.

26. “He’s so whipped…”

27. Spending too much time thinking of the perfect caption, tweet, or filter.

28. Taking forever to get ready and could care less if she’s fashionably late.

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29.  Referring to non-sexy underwear as “period panties.”

30. Overanalyzing a text from a guy with her girlfriends to figure out exactly what he meant.

31. Overusing the words “like,” “literally,” “I can’t even (deal),” and “I’m so done” (usually with dramatic hand gestures).

32. Freaking out if her picture didn’t get that many likes (and may even take it down).

33. Refusing to go out in public with greasy hair, eye bags, or BO.

34. She asks, “How should I get my hair cut?” every time because she claims she wants something different, but never follows through.

35. “Let’s take a selfie!” (But really though, it never ends up being just one).

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36. Blaming her cravings and her mood swings on her period whenever she can get away with it.

37. “I just want to be tan and skinny again.”

38. Stalking her ex on a regular basis.

39. “I need my Starbucks.”

40. Says hash tags in real life without thinking anything of it.

41. Complaining that her cramps are as painful as going into labor.

42. “I have NOTHING to wear” (closet is completely full).

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43. “Let’s go shopping!”

44. Actually wonders what it would be like to be a guy.

45. Sharing everything with her girlfriends (mostly clothes).

46. “I think he might be gay…”

47. “Do you think I should wear something slutty?”

48. Avoiding the rain at all costs.

49. Always tries to justify that it’s so much harder being a girl.

50. “I need more leggings.”

51. *Takes off her bra as soon as she gets home.

52. “I’m not his booty call.”

53. Bringing a handbag or clutch with her wherever she goes.

54. Always has a backup pair of shoes accessible.

55. “What should I do with my hair?”

56. Duck face.

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Yes we are girls, and yes we may think way too much into things and are overly sensitive, but let’s be honest ladies, guys have their quirks too…

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