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Spring Break has arrived! It’s time to get off the mountain and escape for a few days. Maybe you’re PCB bound….

Sun, sand and your best girlfriends–what a perfect start to your Spring Break!

We haven’t seen the sun in Boone in at least six long months, so you’re thrilled to be outside soaking up as much sun as you can.

You throw on your swimsuit and get ready to head out to the beach when you realize you missed a spot shaving.

Luckily, you’ve got a few Completely Bare wax strips in your suitcase. Now you’re good to go.

Floppy hat, fruity drink, and book in hand, you’re set. (We recommend you read Dirty Rush or The Intern’s Handbook that came in our awesome Spring Break Survival Kit.)

After a long day on the beach, it’s time to head inside and get cleaned up for a night out! While it may be (somewhat) accceptable to go a few days without washing your hair at school, you do not want to be that girl at the club with sweaty, sandy mop of hair from the beach earlier that day. But don’t worry–we’ve got you covered. Try Not Your Mother’s Haircare. The products smell amazing, and who knows, you might start washing your hair regularly when you’re back at school.

Now you’re ready for a long night out and you and your girls are looking fly.

You find the hottest night spot in town and while you’re doing your thing on the dance floor…

You spot Sir-Creep-A-Lot lurking nearby….

Fear not! Luckily you’re packing some major heat in the form of SABRE pepper spray to ward off any and all stranger danger.After making an escape, you realize all those drinks have caused a major case of late night munchies.

Lucky for you, you’ve got a few mini Luna bars stashed in your purse to hold you over a little longer.Countless drinks and bad dance moves later, you’re officially ready to leave for the night.

But now you’re ready for a real meal and Chipotle has never sounded better.

You finally get back to your place and hit the hay.

Wake up. Repeat. Happy Spring Break, collegiettes.


Thanks to all our great sponsors for helping our collegiettes get through Spring Break with all the amazing goodies in our Her Campus Spring Break Survival Kit!

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