Super Bowl “L”: Denver vs. Carolina

What more is there to say? North Carolina is officially back on the map. If you attend a university in North Carolina and are not tuned in to CBS on February 7, then you’re wrong. Whether or not Carolina is your favorite team, this is still huge for the state as a whole!

Super Bowl 50, or Super Bowl “L” as it should be (comically) written in roman numerals, is one for the books. This year's Super Bowl will feature the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, two of the best defensively ranked teams in the NFL. It’s going to be a fight in the trenches the entire game, but in the end, whomever delivers offensively is the team that will win. One of the big offensive matchups that we can closely analyze is that of quarterback Cam Newton and quarterback Peyton Manning.

They were drafted eleven months apart between the 2011 and 2012 seasons. Manning, the veteran, was a free agent pickup while Newton was drafted as a new league quarterback.  Peyton Manning is a pocket-passing style quarterback, who has been playing for far longer than Cam Newton. His season has been questionable though, given the fact that he was benched for a few games while Brock Osweiler took the helm and led Denver to victory.

Cam Newton is an NFL MVP nominee who has been having the season of his life. It seems as if everything Cam Newton does has been working for him, whether that’s running or passing the ball, or giving the football away to a kid in the stands. Who will give us the best offensive show? We'll just have to wait and see.

If you remember the last time Carolina appeared in the Super Bowl, you'll understand that this game is especially big for them. The Panthers took a stunning 32-29 defeat in the 2003 Bowl against the Patriots, leaving the Panther Nation bitter and hungry for a ring. I have faith that they will deliver. The Panthers have been beyond dominant this season, producing offensive and defensive performances better than ever. Not to mention, how could you not like Cam Newton and his bravado?!  We’ll see you on Super Bowl Sunday, Denver.