A Successful Pinterest Recipe

Sometimes as college students, we get tired of the same three meals we know how to make, and make well. Cereal, chicken nuggets, chili, etc, it gets old.

So, in this modern era, we turn not to our cookbooks, because who has room for those anyway, but to Pinterest. Ahh, yes, Pinterest, the place of a million crafts and recipes you never quite get around to making.

However, one night after getting home from my internship, a recipe caught my eye, “Greek lemon chicken soup.”

I looked at the recipe, and it looked simple enough. Basically a throw everything into the pot and go type of deal. I decided to try it.

Now in the past, my Pinterest recipes had been less than successful. I usually ended up with something that tasted kind of odd, like the recipe was a joke to see who would actually make that.

This soup, however, worked out pretty well in my favor. Although I was a little hesitant about putting raw chicken into the pot (it cooked just fine). And I didn’t have a lemon zester so I played with a lot of sharp objects trying to zest said lemon.

I did, however, put in way too much couscous and it ended up more like a stew, but it’s a pretty solid stew/soup type thing not going to lie. Oh, and the most important part? It reheats great.