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The Struggles of A Long Distance Relationship


Long distance relationships suck! There’s not much else to say about it. I mean there are some people that do great with long distance relationships and I envy those people so much but no matter what, a long distance relationship is hard. 

First off, a relationship doesn’t typically start long distance… it becomes one. Relationships tend to start with someone who lives in close proximity to you. And it’s GREAT. That’s when your relationship is in its prime. But, then something comes up. Your boyfriend graduates college while you still have two more years, you find a better job in a new area, your family moves unexpectedly and you’re forced to follow, or something of that sort. 

That’s when sh*t hits the fan. Those daily lunch dates and sleeping at each other’s apartments every night turns into not knowing who to call when you want someone to go eat with and sleeping alone, often not being able to fall asleep because you’re used to your “cuddle buddy.”

Second, jealousy sets in. With technology these days, we constantly know where each other are and what we’re doing. When living in a different state, city, or even country, it is pretty easy to still be in constant contact with your partner. However, if you don’t answer a text or phone call, your significant other usually suspects the worst. If you go to a party and they’re not there, all they can think about is how someone else could be hitting on you. And if you fall asleep without responding, you wake up to texts like, “Where were you last night?” “What’d you do?” “Why didn’t you say goodnight?” 

Third, traveling to see each other is a b*tch. Of course you want to see your boyfriend or girlfriend as much as possible in a long distance relationship, but it gets hard. You can’t drive to see them every weekend and they can’t drive to see you every weekend. Especially if it’s suuuuper long distance. Plus, it costs money and as college students, that’s something we don’t have a lot of. 

So, bottom line, long distance relationships are hard. They’re not as fun as living in the same vicinity as your partner. But, if you truly love the person, it shouldn’t matter. Love is something that is hard to find. If you find it, make sure to not let that person go just because of a move. They could be the one and love is something that is extremely special. It might be tough but push through it and make your long distance relationship work. 


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