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Starbucks’ Red Cup Controversy

I bet you’ve heard about the red cup controversy. How could you not? Our newsfeeds were practically crawling with people complaining about people complaining about the design of the cup (which may have made you wonder where these people who were complaining about the cup actually were). However, in case you didn’t know, Starbucks just launched their new “red cup” for the holiday season, and it was completely void of any holiday decorations, bearing instead a red background with the Starbucks logo.

That being said, a former pastor from Arizona posted a video, saying the simple, red cup didn’t recognize the true meaning of Christmas and “Starbucks hates Jesus.” You can watch the video here.

Meanwhile, Starbucks answered, “In the past, we have told stories with our holiday cups’ designs. This year, we wanted to usher in the holiday with a purity of design that welcomes all of our stories.”

In case you forgot, here was last year’s design.

Notice the design is just that, a design. It’s a pattern. It’s just lines on a cup. And there’s nothing resembling Christmas decorations, such as a Christmas tree, a snowman, a reindeer, and such.  And no one complained then.

To be fair, Christmas colors are red and green, and the cups do have red and green.

As you can tell, I’m a bit skeptical. So people such as myself, were wondering why the other party was worried about a cup. I mean, honestly, it’s just a cup.



Which reminds me, I saw some of my friends posting this.



Now, I’m not going to remind you of what this is in reference to. In part because I have never seen it and don’t plan to, and if you know it and have seen it, you should remember because it was pretty memorable, or so I hear.

Then, my friends who watch The Walking Dead were wondering if Glenn was still alive, not about some cup.



Basically, Starbucks’ red cups have ended up being the dress controversy of this year.



But what do you think, collegiettes? Personally, I just want some of the newly released gingerbread latte because in my opinion, it’s better than the pumpkin spice (and I have loved any and all things pumpkin since before it was cool). It’s just too bad the line was too long for me to get the gingerbread latte yesterday and take advantage of the bogo sale because yes, there was a bogo sale, which was available on the Starbucks app.

So if I were you, I wouldn’t be worried by the controversy, and I’d download the app. 

Happy holidays, collegiettes! 





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Kaitlan is currently a senior, English major with a concentration in professional writing and a minor in communications at Appalachian State University. She is the Sigma Tau Delta Alpha Lambda Alpha president and the Mountaineer Hall Treasurer. This is her second year writing for HC. 
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