Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Lordy lordy y’all. It is that time. That magical moment has arrived! Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer has released. Let me get started by saying that I am a major Star Wars fan. Like to the point that it’s sad. My mom raised me right. My sister on the other hand only watches to yell “Han Solo did not create the air force”. True story.


Anyway, the trailer released on October 9th and it quickly skyrocketed to the #1 spot in the trending category on YouTube, with good reason. This movie has been highly anticipated since the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


So, this is where I start my opinions and personal theories. Kylo Ren, bless his poor, little, drama queen, murdering heart. He’s brooding, again, something I can honestly say that I am not happy with how his character is panning out. Take note that Ren killed his father, my favorite character, Han Solo, and the newest trailer is setting him up to kill his mother. Now, I understand that Carrie Fisher died and that she didn’t want to be CGIed. I just don’t agree with the character arc going through mommy murderer town after it just got out of daddy killer vile.



Next up, Snoke is back and eviler than ever. Oh, I’m sorry, Supreme Leader Snoke, and he is obviously going to be a bigger player in this movie. He had a grand total of two minutes on screen in episode 7. He gets roughly a minute in the trailer. I honestly don’t know much about his character, all I know is that he is aligned with the Dark Side, and he is working with/controlling/teaching Ren.


Ok, now for some kind of something. Snoke says that Kylo (assumably) is full of raw and untapped power. But my thing is, Luke says the same thing to Rey. And he openly admits that he is scared of that power because he has seen it before and he wasn’t scared. It is known that Luke did train Kylo when he was younger. Luke saw that amount of power and obviously saw it as a mistake. What does that say about his feelings towards Rey’s power? Does this mean that Kylo and Rey are equally powerful in the Force? This connection is leaving me with more questions than answers.


Rey has also begun her Jedi training with Luke. She is clearly powerful. From her cracking the actual earth to her obvious skill with a Lightsaber. Luke borderline tells Rey that he is afraid of her and what she can do. What do you think that would do to a person with Rey’s background? And later on into the trailer, Rey is portrayed to be partnering with Kylo. So, could Rey be going to the dark side?


Ok. There is a wonderful moment in the trailer where I totally did a headcount. Chewie, weird bird thing, Poe, Finn, and BB-8. I am a happy fangirl. And I became even happier when Finn began a battle with Phasma. I am so proud! And Finn is following in General Leia’s footsteps with a trooper escort.

I cannot wait until the movie releases on December 15th. I will happily be sporting my Star Wars merchandise on the day that I get to go see it. Overall, I am highly impressed with overall character arcs and how they are all being portrayed, and I eagerly await December 15th.