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Spring Break: Swimsuits To Show Off Your Bod

You’re checking off your spring break packing list when it hits you: what am I going to wear on the beach?! As young women in a society that loves to categorize our bodies, it’s sometimes impossible to feel confident in a swimsuit especially if we slacked on the gym and ate one too many of literally everything. That’s the beauty of being an independent woman; it’s your body and you can show it off at the beach however you’d like! You just have to pick a style that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin so you can own the beach this spring break and make it your best trip yet. This guide will help you find the perfect swimsuit for your hot bod!


For the Pear-Shaped hotties:

This means women are generally smaller up top (shoulders, bust, waist) and fuller on the bottom (hips, butt, and thighs). If you want to avoid the attention your assets get, focus on finding suits that emphasize your top half. Aim for dark, solid color bottoms to minimize your tush. Go all out on embellished tops and bright, fun colors to highlight your top half!



For the Apple-Shaped babes:

This body type is the opposite of the pear; your ‘girls’ are bigger and your bottom is smaller. This spring break look for swimsuits that minimize attention to the twins so the cute boys at the beach will actually look into your majestic eyes. Do this by rocking bottoms that are bright or have fun patterns (hello ruffles!) Make sure to find tops with support, such as halter-tops so you avoid giving the beach a show when a wave comes.



For the Athletic rock stars:

Seriously. Kudos to you for never missing a day at the gym. However, maybe you wish you had a little more curve to show off. We’ve got you covered. Go nuts with fun tops and bottoms! Your perfect style is going to be tops and bottoms with lots of details (again, hello ruffles! and fringe!) You want your top and bottom to emphasize your waist and bust line to create the illusion of curves.



For the Hourglass/Kim K goddess:

You are rockin’ the bust and the tush with an itty-bitty waist! (Cue Sir Mix A Lot) You’re going to be looking for styles that fit your bottom and your top, and by fit, we mean support, to avoid any slips. You want a nice constructed top, such as a halter to hold Mary-Kate and Ashley in place. Make the bottoms stand out by finding some with cute ties on the side (just make sure they aren’t thin-stringed)


For the Curvy hot mamas:

Shake what’cho mama gave ya! (But make sure you have the right bottoms on or things will get crazy.) Women who are curvy tend to have fuller hips with a larger bust to match. Draw attention toward your best features and away from any problem areas if you even have them, but not you girls. Tops with lots of support are the best way to go, and even a cute skirted bottom to match. If you want to rock the one-piece, lucky for us collegiettes they are getting cuter as the seasons go by; no more hideous floral print one-pieces!


For the Petite beauties:

If you have a smaller frame, you want to find a style that creates the illusion of height. Look for low-cut or high-waisted bottoms (which are so in and so cute right now!) Match it up with a twisted bandeau for the cutest look this spring break.



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Ashley Chaves is a senior at Appalachian State University, where she is working towards earning her degree in Professional Writing with a minor in Public Relations. She will be graduating in May of 2015 and is aiming to find a job where she can build upon and showcase her writing skills. She has many passions including writing, reading, Shih Tzus, and cooking. In her spare time she enjoys planning her life away on Pinterest and blogging on her personal blog.  
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