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Spray Tanning Boone One Person at a Time: Meet Breanna Shockley

For those of you that are regulars at a local tanning bed and tan almost every day, cancel your monthly membership, there’s a new tanning method in town.

Breanna Shockley, owner of Mountain Mystic Spray Tanning, is changing the way people tan (in Boone that is). I met Breanna through Watauga Parks and Rec while officiating one of her volleyball games. Getting to know Breanna, I found out that she is one of the kindest, sweetest, most down-to-earth humans I have had the privilege of befriending.

Breanna grew up in Boone. After she graduated from Appalachian State in 2011 with a degree in fashion merchandise and marketing, she moved to Charlotte. It was there that she learned the “ins” and “outs” of a successful business. After trying a Mystic Tan in the CLT, she decided to move back home and start the first spray tan business in the High Country.

“I fell in love with the mystic tan machine and knew that was exactly what the Boone community and college students needed,” Breanna said. “I knew I wanted to live in Boone and raise my family here, so I had to find the right niche that Boone didn’t have yet.”

In June 2013, Mountain Mystic was born in Boone.

I believe Breanna has made one smart decision. Mountain Mystic is only four years old and proves to be a very popular tanning trend for locals and college students. Breanna has over 1,000 clients and that number is skyrocketing! Can you imagine serving that many people? Like, whoa, that takes some serious business woman power.

Since Boone is a much smaller town than Charlotte, Breanna did say she recognizes or knows almost a fourth of her customers. “I love how the local community is constantly helping other local businesses and supporting each other. You don’t see that in every town.”

For those of you who are nervous or skeptical (I was too) about turning orange after a spray tan, say no more. Breanna gave me some insight as to why mystic tans are THE best and why she swears by them: “Mystic Tan invented the original UV-Free tanning solution. Our new formulation technology is Paraben-Free and delivers a superior natural-looking tan. It’s the #1 selling customizable tan in the professional market for the last 15 years.” I have gotten several sprays from Mountain Mystic and can attest to how great and how natural they look.

Not only does Breanna know a lot about spray tanning, but she is a super successful business woman. For all you ladies out there who are all about girl power, so is Breanna. The key to being a successful business woman, per the spray tan expert, is you have to start somewhere. Don’t let your business idea stay as just an idea. Make it happen and take one step at a time!

After all the business talk, Breanna did confirm that she has a life outside of Mystic. She loves Coyote Kitchen, the Spice Girls, and taking advantage of all the cools hiking spots with her hubby. I know you guys are just dying to be her friend already!

Breanna is such a lovely person, and I would love to be like her when I grow up. She’s that cool, older sister who always lets you wear her clothes and hang around with her and her friends.

Being a fellow alum of App State greek life, Breanna is offering a discount to those sorority girls who are dying to sun-kissed for formal. Even if you don’t have a reason to get a spray tan, try it out anyway! Her last tip and secret for getting a mystic tan is to wait 24 hours, and your mystic tan will last a week! SO GO GET SPRAYED BECAUSE SHE’S AWESOME AND YOU’LL LOVE HER. I sure do.

*Anyone who presents this article to Mountain Mystic will receive $10 off your spray tan.* 

*Limit one spray per discount, valid until March 24, 2017.*



Breanna’s personal gallery of pictures via email and Facebook

Jaden is a Senior at Appalachian State as a Communication major with a focus in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing. Currently, she serves as  Campus Expansion Assistant for Her Campus Nationals. She is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha and serves on multiple committees of her chapter. Jaden interned with Susan G. Komen Northwest NC Summer 2016 as the Special Events Intern. She is currently a Campus Expansion Assistant and Region Leader for Her Campus Nationals. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends, playing with puppies, surfing pinterest for new DIY projects, and taking long naps. Her dream job is to be the next Erin Andrews and work as an ESPN Broadcaster for the NFL. 
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