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The Soup Bucket List for Boone

The Soup Bucket List for Boone
By: Melissa Vega

What’s the perfect way to warm your heart in Boone during the fall and winter seasons? Soup. Seriously. Aside from knitted scarves, bold-colored pea coats, and coffee, soup is the best remedy for those chilly Boone days and nights.
Over the years of living in this little mountain city, I have had ample opportunity to try some of the best soups in town and wanted needed to share them with you all. Now get a pen and paper, an appetite, and get ready to treat yourself to one (or two…or three) of these delicious soups!

1. Potato Bacon Soup at
Primo’s Pizza Pasta and Subs
There is honestly no soup here that I wouldn’t recommend to someone. And for only $1.95 a cup, you seriously can’t miss out on this deal! All soups are homemade and they are not stingy with their portions. They do not have a set menu of which soups will be available that day (with the exception of Tomato Basil), so be sure to call ahead if you’re really craving a specific one! If you’re vegetarian, no worries! The next soup on our list from Primo’s will fit your eating style.

2. Tomato Basil Soup at Primo’s Pizza Pasta and Subs
Unlike their other homemade soups, they serve Tomato Basil everyday. It’s the staple menu item that you have to try if you ever come to this restaurant. Made with only the freshest ingredients, this soup is the perfect solution to any craving or appetite you will have. If you take it to go, I recommend complimenting this soup with a good ole’ grilled cheese sandwich!
Am I making you drool yet? Just keep reading.

3. Chicken Tortilla Soup at McAlister’s
As my friend Joe Hawksworth would say, this soup is “my reason for living.” Not only is this soup a walk away from all your classes (and if you’re lucky, your apartment), McAlister’s knows how to add some zang to your day. Made with spicy herbs, chicken, and served with tortilla chips, it’s an alternative to the typical way of eating soup. People may want to ask for a bite, but I guarantee you won’t want to share.
4. Any soup from Our Daily Bread (ODB)
Even if I tried to share each soup with you from ODB, it would take me days and I know you college students have better things to do than read about soup. But seriously, this place is filled with the best soups in town. They implement a chalkboard menu style when it comes to the soups they offer each day and they usually have at least five different choices. The creative flavors you find there, you can’t find anywhere else. Past flavors include Apple Cream Soup, Pepperjack Cream Soup, Black Bean Soup, and the list goes on! If you’re not into surprises, you can always count on them having yummy meat or veggie chili.
5. Panera Bread
No, Panera Bread isn’t locally owned, however, they do have some of the best options for soups. Even other restaurant owners have to admit you can’t beat the quality of soup Panera Bread offers. Although I could sit here and name off every soup you should try here, the top choices I’d recommend would be Broccoli Cheddar (especially in a bread bowl) and Baked Potato Soup. For a complete list of soups, you can check their list here. Make sure to snag their rewards cards where you can get free bagels, coffee, and discounts.

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