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Something Magical About the Mountains

When AppState students get excited about coming back to school, it’s not just for the parties, the friends, the classes, or the good restaurants… it’s also for the surroundings! With cool crisp air, colorful leaves, and sunshine that seems close enough to touch, Appalachian State is a peace of perfection, magically tucked within the plush greens and rough ridges of the Appalachian Mountains. 

Photo by: Amy Kwiatkowski

Laura Maddox is a Senior at Appalachian State University. Laura was born and raised in Charlotte, NC but loves the mountain air in Boone. She is one of four kids and has an identical twin sister. Laura enjoys reading, fashion, blogging, traveling, chocolate, lots of coffee and riding in the car with the windows down. She has a knack for creative writing, doodling and procrastination. Laura plans on moving to Boston after graduation to pursue a career in the advertising industry as a copywriter. Laura loves APP and will always be a Mountaineer fan!
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