Small Girl, Big Car

From the moment that I received my driver's license, I knew that I loved to drive. I would make up any excuse to just get in the car and go. I was the friend who always volunteered to drive people anywhere just because I loved being behind the wheel. There’s something so freeing about driving a machine that can get you to almost anywhere that you want to go. It was that feeling that pushed me to bring my car to college with me as a freshman. Not only do I recommend having a car, if it’s possible as a college student, but I also recommend having a big car. Being a under five feet tall means that practically every car too big for me. Don’t ask me why I love big cars or when I figured out that big cars were what I wanted to drive -- I’ve just always gravitated towards them. As a college student with tons of stuff on me all the time, having a big car is ideal because of the amount of space it allows you to have. 

Whenever I would go home for long breaks, not once did I ever have to worry about having enough space in my car to transporting everything back and forth from college to my home. There were moments where I had over five bags and an entire hamper full of clothes in my my car. Even during winter break when I pack even more than usual for the drive home, I never had to worry if I'd be able to squeeze all my things into my trunk.Ironically enough, my college friends with tiny cars who lived in my hometown would sometimes drive to my place and give me some of their stuff, just so that they would have enough room to take everything back to school.

And there's not just extra space for luggage -- I have plent of space for people too. Having a big car means more room for friends to sprawl out, making it the ideal road trip vehicle. While I was always the one driving my friends when we went to vacation spots, I also got to have the freedom to go anywhere and do anything I wanted, without having to rely on other people or other forms of transportation.

My car does, of course, come with its drawbacks. A bigger car means a bigger tank, and bigger tanks mean more money to fill up. However, being able to fit everything and everyone in my car whenever I want to — to me — was completely worth it. I’m thankful for my car, and all the memories that she (yes my car is a she, and her name is Serena) has been able to give me throughout my college career.