Six Epic Halloween Costume Ideas

It's that time of the year again: Halloween! Here are six cool costume ideas for you to try this Halloween:


Nothing is better for Halloween than dressing up as a pirate. They get to have a sword, a cool ship, and they can take everyone else’s candy! After all, stealing is in the job description!

Old Woman

This costume is always so fun when you really get into the character of the classic grey-haired old lady. Using this costume idea gives you the perfect opportunity to use a walker or a wheelchair, which is always fun, especially when you get to chase people around and complain about how kids are these days.

Minnie and Mickey

This iconic duo is the perfect choice for any couple. Not only is it something anyone would recognize, but this is always a cute costume that gets a lot of positive attention.

Mario and Luigi For when you have a go-cart competition at 6:00 but a Halloween party at 8:00. Everyone recognizes this duo and you can choose to go by yourself, or have a friend dress up with you.

Fictional Character

There are so many fictional characters that you can dress up as. There’s Katniss and Peeta from The Hunger Games, Harry, Hermione, and Ron from Harry Potter, or you cango as something more classic like a superhero (like batman) or a super villain (like the joker).


This one is great because chances are, you can find the stuff for this costume super cheap. There is a huge variety of sports to choose from, so you have plenty of leeway to make this costume fit your style.

Happy Halloween! 

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