A "Royal" Change In App State Homecoming Traditions

After 20 years of the Appalachian State homecoming tradition, some things will be a little different this year, starting with the Homecoming Court.

Nine students will be nominated by campus clubs and organizations to be selected as “Homecoming Royalty.” This will replace App State’s traditional version of Homecoming “King” and “Queen.” Students have the chance to vote on the nine candidates for “Homecoming Royalty” between October 17-20. The students who receive the most votes will be names “Top of the Rock” at the Homecoming football game on October 22.

Homecoming is a college tradition that is celebrated at many universities across America.

According to the Appalachian State Homecoming website, modern Homecoming traditions were established in 1996 to bring unity and coordination to campus wide events. The Appalachian State mission statement reads: “promote a spirit of inclusion that inspires students, faculty, and staff to form relationships extending well beyond graduation.”

Today’s homecoming events that will remain constant will be a banner contest, a parade, a lip-sync contest, and the annual blood drive.

Some students have mixed feelings about the change in the homecoming tradition:

 “We must remember we live in a democracy and practice other systems as such. Equality is giving people the same opportunity, not the same reward.” –Abby Buckshorn, Junior

“Nominating a Homecoming King and Queen has been a well-beloved college tradition at Appalachian State. I have had friends and members of organizations that I hold close to my heart be nominated for this respected title. As a southern girl, I like to stick to traditions.” –Brooke Martin, Senior

“I think it will be interesting to see this year. I understand why they are making “Top of the Rock” to promote gender equality on our campus. It’s change and hopefully our student body will end up supporting.” –Katie Williford, Junior

And students are not the only ones:

Well, with homecoming just right around the corner, we will give this new “Homecoming Royalty” a try.