The Return of This Is Us *SPOILERS*



After what felt like forever, the beloved television show “This Is Us” returned last Tuesday (2/27). Of course, to make all the viewers emotional, the show started with some flashbacks of our favorite couple Jack and Rebecca.


It started with them at a bowling alley, celebrating their anniversary. Rebecca bound all of Jack’s notes together to make a book, then they danced under beautiful dim lighting because Jack made that happen (of course he did). Moving forward, we started to understand how the couple normally celebrated their anniversaries. Rebecca would give Jack a cute, thoughtful “I got this because…” gift, and Jack would go over the top and get Rebecca a freaking piano. He’s seriously amazing.

However, for one of their anniversaries, Rebecca asked Jack NOT to do anything extreme. Instead, she just wanted a simple night with her husband watching TV in bed. Once Kevin didn’t see his father doing any usual anniversary prep, he asked why not; to which Jack responded, “I’m not allowed to this year.” Aaaand of course Kevin, Kate, and Randall weren’t going to settle for that so they decided to try and come up with their own anniversary celebration for their parents. Long story short, the kids laid out little twinkle lights and arrows on their parents’ bedroom floor directing them to the window, which had a flier for the meteor shower happening that night nearby. Jack and Rebecca laid on the roof and LIKE ALWAYS Jack made Rebecca (and every other female watching) swoon. After discussing the beauty/fascination of meteor showers and how people wait every year to see them, Jack said, “I don’t need anniversaries to see you, I see you every day. You’re my daily meteor shower.”


The true, main focus of this episode was Toby and Kate’s bachelor/bachelorette parties in Las Vegas. Toby invited Kevin and Randall along with some of his other friends, who actually ended up just being fillers because he didn’t want to look lame with just his two soon to be step-brothers in his party. Kate, on the other hand, had her actual friends she made in her support group, including Madison (who she used to tease). Beth was also included in the party, and she made sure to make the most of it after drinking straight out of a bottle of liquor and publicly enjoying a dance from a greased-up male stripper. While Kate and her party were seemingly having a good time, Toby was awkwardly left with his filler friends after Kevin and Randall both ditched the party… yikes. Randall was concerned about his previous foster daughter, Deja, after she stopped by his house and asked for money for her and her mom’s heat bill. He talked to Beth about this parental instincts kicking in and his feeling that something wasn’t right, which led to a big argument between Randall and Beth, which led to Beth being danced on by the greased-up stripper. Make sense? Not to mention that Randall showed up to talk to Beth, which led to another fight, which led to ANOTHER (smaller) argument between Kate and Beth.

Kevin had ditched Randall’s party due to the fact that he thought he was being cut from the most recent movie he starred in. After telling one of his co-stars that the movie premiering would be the light at the end of a very dark tunnel/year for him, and her proceeding to tell him some slightly misleading info, Kevin ALMOST backslid and fell back into the alcohol rabbit hole. All was well when Kevin reached out to the movie director and stood up for himself (thanks to Toby) and realized that he wasn’t being cut from the movie at all. Yay Kevin for not backsliding!

SO, the episode basically ended like this: Kevin and Randall realized how much their presence actually meant to Toby, and went back to hang out with him; Beth opened up to Kate about how she really felt about the whole Deja situation and they fixed their problems; Beth and Randall talked out their problems and went back to being the beautiful, hilarious couple they are; Kevin found out he’d be attending his movie premiere soon; aaaand Deja is actually homeless living in her mom’s car.

Be sure to tune in next Tuesday (2/6) to see what happens next!