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A Quick Beauty Guide for Fall

With a new season finally here, it’s easy to feel bored with your usual beauty routine. Typical nail polish, your usual hair cut and color, and the same make up you’ve always used. But if the season is new, why can’t your beauty be too? Here is a quick beauty guide that’ll revamp your look and leave people staring at you rather than the autumn splendor around them.


Top nail trends from the runway include a range from deep burgundy tones to cooler minimalist shades of white and beige. If you want to play it safe, a classic apple red will never go out of style. To mix it up, try darker variations of red and navy blues to keep up with the fall trends. The runways also were full of pale shades that still pop. White, cream, and soft shades of gold offer a fresh, clean look this fall. For the more daring, French manicures with a twist were all over the runway. Stick to a classic muted base and add dark red tips, or even black and silver tips for an even bolder look!

Ombré hair has been all over the place this fall. Jessica Biel has perfected the brunette-to-blond ombré by simply adding lighter shades from underneath the hair to give it a subtle, chic look. Other trends include Anne Hathaway’s pixie cut and Ashley Greene’s cinnamon highlights. Or why not take a page from our favorite “New Girl,” Zooey Deschanel, and go with straight across bangs? Dryer air and a lack of humidity make autumn the perfect time to try this look. From asymmetrical bobs to classic shoulder-skimming layers, there is a fashionable cut and color for everyone this fall.

Wine lips are the top trend this fall. Although it may seem a bit bold this season, the shade works on a number of skin tones. When attempting this trend, play with different shades to find the right one for your skin. Another tip with merlot lips is to keep the rest of your makeup minimal. For thin lips, opt for a soft, stained lip rather than a lipstick to prevent making lips appear smaller. Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Plum is a good, affordable way to ease into the bold look.

Whether it’s nails, hair, or makeup, a simple change can transform your autumn look from drab to fab in no time!

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