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The Pros and Cons of Leggings Season


                As we say goodbye to summer temperatures and pack up our high-waisted shorts and crop tops for what will seem like forever, the transition to fall can be bittersweet. While many of us swap out our classic summer staples for fall ones, one thing ties us together: the ever so versatile leggings.

                No matter which side of the whole ‘leggings as pants’ debate you’re on, chances are you still own at least one pair. This piece can be found in a majority of collegiette’s closets, and it’s the one thing that takes our “basicness” to an entire new level. After being App State student for a little over a year now, I’ve seen some pretty opinionated people that are for or against leggings. Here are just a few of the pros and cons I’ve picked up on:


Pro: Running late for class when it’s chilly out is not even a problem anymore! Leggings are perfect to pair with a cute chambray shirt and riding boots, or even tennis shoes and a tee shirt. Pinterest has thousands of ideas if you’re looking to dress them up or down, but when you’re rushing to catch the Appalcart, any of your favorite tees and a cardigan are super easy to throw on and still look put together. Just think of all the time you could save getting ready in the morning when you don’t have to dig through your closet! The comfort level that you get all day is just a huge bonus. This is also where the “leggings as pants” debate comes in to play. I personally just make sure my shirts or cardigans are long enough to keep my booty covered!


Con: The “basic” label attached to them. Tons of things get girls referred to as “basic”, like ordering pumpkin spice lattés, bean boots and Ugg boots, and using the word “literally” in almost every sentence. Sadly, leggings get a pretty bad rap, even though they’re the comfiest things I own. It’s almost like girls that enjoy a few mainstream things just get lumped together in this group, but what’s wrong with liking things that are popular? This fall I’m embracing the “basic” label, bean boots and all.


Pro: Fleece lined leggings are a life saver on cold days! Seriously, they’re warmer than wearing regular pants or jeans in my opinion. If it’s really freezing outside then I just layer them under jeans for added warmth. I’m probably one of the most cold-natured people you’d ever meet, and this past winter’s temperatures didn’t even phase me when I doubled up. Not to mention all the colors you can find them in. Compared to some tights I have that are made out of a sweater-like material, my fleece lined leggings win hands down. They’ve lasted much longer too! My sweater tights have seen more holes and tears than any of my leggings.


Con: The overwhelming urge to buy more, even when you have no more space left in your drawers! I’m so guilty of this it’s embarrassing. Every time I see an assortment of colored leggings, my will power is tested to resist buying another pair. I’m a huge sucker for fleece lined ones (if you couldn’t tell that already) and when Boone Belle’s has their stock on sale I have to stay far away from the store so I don’t get one in every color!

So overall, leggings are a great piece to have in your closet whether you want to use them for layering, or if you’re often in a position where you’re just struggling for outfit ideas. Maybe you have your own pros and cons list for leggings, but don’t let the cons outweigh the good and keep you from wearing what you’re comfortable in!

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