Panama City Beach Cracks Down On Rules For Spring Break 2017

When you think of the perfect destination to experience your “typical” college spring break, you probably think of Panama City Beach, Florida (PCB, if you will). Having upheld the reputation as the beloved “Spring Break Capital of the World” for decades, this seemingly ideal location for a week of carefree partying with your best friends just put it’s foot down once and for all.

In an effort to gain a more “family friendly” image, Panama City Council placed a ban on all alcohol possession on sandy beaches during the month of March with March being the prime month for spring break. In fact, anyone caught with booze on the beach will be fined a whopping $500 (and let’s be real, most college students are scrapping their savings just to be in PCB, let alone throw hundreds at a drinking ordinance.)

The rules and regulations aimed at spring breakers do not end there. Panama City Beach Council has implemented various “zero tolerance” ordinances in an attempt to cover all the bases for the 2017 spring break season. This includes the ban on open house parties, ending alcohol sales at 2am in the month of March, and the clarification that climbing, jumping from, or throwing things off of balconies is in fact illegal.

The new ban has prevented many college students from booking their stay at Panama City Beach for this season, resorting to “sister” beach Destin, FL. It is not only students across the nation disappointed with these new rules, but business owners as well. Many businesses and workers depend heavily on the influx of college students that come along with spring break every year. This includes owners of hotels, restaurants, and even event coordinators.

Despite the negative attitudes over PCB Council’s recent decisions, there are those that are happy to see the trouble that spring break plagues the city with each March, finally come to an end. In the midst of all the amusement, people have been found drunkenly falling off balconies and returning home paraplegic. Multiple young women are becoming subject to sexual assault each night, along with violence, shootings, and even deaths. It is speculated that 15 years ago the crime that PCB was largely beset with was underage drinking. In 2015, the most crowdest year PCB had ever seen, it was hardly alcohol or marijuana use, but synthetic drugs being abused in broad daylight.

Overall, many are saying “RIP” to PCB and considering new alternatives for their spring break vacation.

Where will you be jetting off to for spring break this year?