An Open Letter to My Parents As I Graduate

Dear Dragon & Magic Man, 

"A three stranded cord is not easily broken."

It only seems fair that before I graduate I thank the two people who have always been there for me. I can't really imagine another family that's anything like ours if I'm being totally honest with you. Our three stranded cord is definitely not easily broken. 

The last four years have been so long for all of us but you never let me forget what I was doing all of this for. (I'm doing it to provide for my future dogs and cows obviously.) You never let me get to down on myself even when it was pretty clear I had screwed up which I did, some times worse than others. I'm not graduating in debt that'll I'll be paying off for the rest of my life. I could never thank the two of you enough for the things you've done for me since I moved to Boone. You've supported every change of major, every apartment move,every event and most importantly every drunk phone call about eating cookout. 

I'm not sure what it was. It could've been the excessive amount of food we've had or the pack as a whole. It could've been all of the times we watched Talladega Nights and Step Brothers and how often we quote them in daily conversation but we made it to the end.  Maybe it was prayers to the Christmas Jesus (because I like him best, when you say grace you can say it to whatever Jesus you want) or the fact that we live by "if you ain't first you're last."  It's clearly because of Will Ferrell because the more I think about it the more I realize how often he's on our TV.

It's interesting to me when people in my life don't think of their parents as the two most important people in their life. How could someone not feel that way? Then I think about the fact that not everyone's childhood was the same as mine and that not everyone's parents are like mine. I think about the way you've graciously added James into our tight little group and I am thankful for that. I found the one person that fit's the Reavis family... because we know that's not an easy thing to do. 

I'll never understand how you had me at 20 years old. I'm 22 now and the thought of being a parent right now stresses me out beyond belief. I am grateful that y'all are so young because we get to have adventures together that not everyone else has. How many other people willingly go to bars with their parents on a Saturday night? Having me young wasn't a mistake it was a blessing. I didn't miss out on anything because you didn't wait until you were in your thirties (which is fine to do for everyone reading.) I gained more time with you. We grew up together and it was a ride for sure. 

So thank you to my Tribe. I would've written you both a letter but at the same time it's always been all of us so why change it now? I love you more than anything else in this entire world. Here's to dancing to Boat's and Ho's at the wedding and making everyone uncomfortable. If they don't like it they don't get the show. 

Abracadabra Holmes.