No Excuses: Finding the Motivation

How many times have you gone throughout your day thinking, “I don’t want to do this” or  “I have no motivation” and the end result is, you don’t do it. You sit, and do nothing.

I always wonder, is motivation just going to fall from the sky and strike you? Probably not. And starting the habit of not doing anything, waiting for motivation to strike, will only worsen your problem.

Think about your average day, week, or month. How many times do you find an excuse to get out of something? 

I believe that living life excuse after excuse holds you back from many opportunities. And creating excuses lowers your expectation for yourself. But I am not going to be complexly oblivious to the fact that there are some things in life that feel like literally the worst to do at the time.

But in this transitional period in life that we call college, we should not completely avoid the things that we do not want to do. Sometimes, we have to be mature enough to suck it up and do it. And do it with the right attitude.

So, what I am getting at here is stop finding excuses. Stop having the fear of failure, uncertainty, and responsibility. Eliminate all the fears that are holding you back.  Instead, build your motivation to enjoy life more. And the key word to remember is build. Motivation is built, not stumbled upon.

Don’t get stuck inside a sinkhole of apathy. We all have that friend that finds excuse after excuse to not do something. If you can’t think of that friend, then it is probably you. Start triggering productive habits throughout your day that can correlate to your overall happiness.

For some, this idea of getting things done can be an easy process to comprehend. While for others, it takes that extra push. If you want a life to remember, be motivated. Be motivated to do the things you don’t want to do, because at the end of the day, you will get the most out of life.

Whether it is a homework assignment that you have been putting off or getting lunch with someone that your are not too fond of, if it has to be done, then get it done.

Doing the things you don’t want to do with the best intentions, and the things you actually do want to do will become even better. The hardest part in all of this is actually deciding to do the things you don’t want to do. And in my personal experience, doing the things that I don’t want to do, do not turn out as bad as I expected.

Adulthood is hitting us in the face here. You can only put it off for so long. Find the motivation, get sh** done, and live life to the fullest. Don’t forget to always reward yourself for sucking it up; its okay to binge watch your favorite show on Netflix for the third time in a row while eating a milkshake.