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National Food Holidays to Remember in 2015


We all love food. Food is something that not only fills the stomach, but also for some of us, makes the heart happy. Food is celebrated year round through national holidays. We couldn’t imagine Thanksgiving without ham and Valentine's Day without chocolate. Americans love food and love celebrating, so here's a few food holidays to mark on your calendar!

January: January 27th, National Chocolate Cake Day

February: February 28th, National Pancake Day

March: March 14th, National Potato Chip Day

April: April 22nd, National Jelly Bean Day

May: May 5th, National Wine Day

June: June 5th, National Doughnut Day

July: July 23rd, National Hot Dog Day

August: August 3rd, National Watermelon Day

September: September 28th, Drink Beer Day

October: October 17th, National Pasta Day

November: November 28th, National French Toasts Day

December: December 26th, National Candy Cane Day


We're all about an extra reason to eat our favorite foods! 

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