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I’m back, and there is no greater way to start my writing kick than talking about my favorite oldies horror movies. This Halloween I challenge you all to a binge-a-thon with your favorite goons and goblins to these amazing movies. 

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

“One, Two Freddy’s Coming For You.” This movie is hands down one of my favorites. The main antagonist, Freddy Krueger, came to be when a group of local neighborhood parents burned a warehouse with him in it after being accused of murdering their children. After his death, he sought revenge and made a deal with the ‘Dream Demons’ which allowed him to enter the subconscious minds of teens. While in the subconscious mind he would murder the teens which in turn would kill them in the real world. His weapon of choice, a gloved hand with razor-sharp knives attached to it. “Welcome To Prime Time, B*tch!” – Freddy Krueger.

Friday the 13th (1980)

If there is one thing I have learned it’s that if Crazy Ralph yells “You’re All Doomed!” I am listening and leaving. Friday the 13th is a movie that takes place at Crystal Lake after the tragic death of camper Jason. (His death happened because the counselors weren’t paying attention to the children). Twenty-three years later camp counselors try to reopen the camp when one-by-one the counselors are murdered. “Is Jason still alive and if he is, is he out for revenge?”. 

Halloween (1978)

With the new movie now in theatres, I think it’s important to remember the movie which started it all. This movie shows how Michael Myers ‘became’ the famous killer dressed in the white mask. After killing his fifteen-year-old sister and being sent to a mental hospital, he returns with the taste for blood. I’ve always found it fascinating how he moves so slow yet kills so quickly. If you’re looking for a spooky fright, I’d definitely give Halloween a go. 

The Bad Seed (1956)

While this movie wouldn’t be defined as horror by today’s standards, for the 1950s this movie gave a scary fright for sure. This movie is about a housewife who starts suspecting her young daughter is a ruthless killer. While watching this old black and white film, you will slowly feel yourself at the edge of your seat! 

Hellraiser (1987)

This movie is truly one of a kind. It involves cenobites (humans now turned pain fetishized demons), human sacrifice, murder, and the ultimate question, “how far would you go to reach your full desire?”. The main cenobite Pinhead is the start of the show. He is the leader of the cenobites and the main figurehead for the hellraiser franchise. I could try my best to describe this movie, but I suggest sitting down and watching it for yourself; it truly is a twisted experience. 

I hope you all will give these movies a watch if you haven’t. Horror is a very big genre and within it has many more categories. I challenge you to dive in and watch as many movies as you can. As always peace and love everyone and stay safe this Halloween! 

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