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Ever since my senior year of high school, I have been listening to podcasts while studying, as it helps me have a more productive study period. There have been many podcasts that I have tried to get into, but just couldn’t because I did not find the hosts entertaining, unfortunately. However, there has been a decent amount that I have found to be my style (mainly true crime). Here are my top five podcasts that get me through school.

  1. Wine and Crime

Wine and Crime is a podcast about true crime and is hosted by three women from Minnesota that chug wine, chat true crime, and unleash their worst Minnesotan accents (btw, that’s their tagline). The three women: Lucy, Kenyon, and Amanda, release new episodes every Thursday. I have been following them since the year they started the show in 2017 and I wait every week for a new episode to come out. One major aspect of their podcast that I like is the fact the episodes are on the longer side, like an hour and a half to two hours. The length makes it very easy to study while listening because you don’t have to switch episodes or podcasts within an hour. For me to be able to listen, a podcast needs to have entertaining hosts, and trust me when I tell you that these women are just that. They have gotten me through some very tough studying hours. This podcast can be found on almost any platform that supports podcasts. 

  1. And That’s Why We Drink

“And That’s Why We Drink,” is also a true crime and paranormal podcast and is hosted by Em Schulz and Christine Schiefer. The show releases new episodes every Sunday, with half of the podcast being Em talking about the scary stories and the paranormal, with Christine covering the true crime aspect. I first learned about this show in 2017 as well, but did not get fully invested in it again until late 2020. These two cover different enough topics that the other does not know too much about, which I think adds a bit of spice to the show. Their episodes tend to be between one hour and two hours normally, there are occasions where they have gone over two hours and I get excited when that happens. Right now Christine is on a break as she just welcomed her first child back in October of 2021, so they are having guests and the most recent episode has Kenyon of Wine and Crime. This podcast can be found on almost any platform that supports podcasts. 

  1. Lights Out

“Lights Out,” is a podcast about paranormal and generally terrifying topics that are sure to keep you up at night. The show releases new episodes every Friday and is hosted by Josh Thomas and producer/brother Joel. They also post videos of the podcast on their Youtube channel with the same name. Now forewarning for this podcast the topics being discussed can have multiple trigger warnings and be extremely graphic. The show started in April 2020 with episodes lasting around an hour-long, which is a perfect length when covering graphic content like this. Josh also has two other podcasts “Planet Sleep,” which is a podcast to fall asleep to while listening, and “Mile Higher” which he hosts with his wife. Even though the topics are extremely graphic and should only be listened to by mature audiences, the host is very respectful when talking about these topics. This podcast can be found on almost any platform that supports podcasts.

  1. Mile Higher 

“Mile Higher,” is a podcast about pop culture, conspiracy theories, the paranormal, and true crime. The show is hosted by the dynamic husband and wife duo Kendall Rae and Josh Thomas and releases new episodes every Monday while also uploading the video of that episode every Wednesday to Youtube. Episodes tend to last anywhere from about one hour to two hours. The names of the hosts might be familiar to you as Josh is the host of “Lights Out,” the previous podcast that I listed and Kendall currently has 3.11 million subscribers on Youtube. Kendall is widely known for her true crime videos which have gained so much traction that family members of the victims often appear in her content. She also hosts another podcast called “The Shesh,” alongside her cousin, Janelle. This podcast can be found on almost any platform that supports podcasts.

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