My Response to Thirteen Reasons Why

This is an opinion piece and does not reflect the views of Her Campus App State.

As a college student battling depression and anxiety, been sexually assaulted twice, and contemplated suicide, there should be surprise when I say I have a problem with Thirteen Reasons Why.

You may ask, why did you watch it then? Well, why does anyone watch TV? I’m nosy. I’ve heard tons of hype about this show, so I wanted to know what it was all about. I sat down on a Friday afternoon and began the show. My roommate told me I wouldn’t make it through the last episode, so obviously I was determined to.

I don’t have a problem with the acting or the characters, I have a problem with the way suicide is portrayed. Taking your own life is your own decision. If someone is forcing you to do so, then that’s not suicide. Yes, I agree that outside factors including environment and relationships can affect your decision, but it’s still your decision. Along with Hannah's decision to commit suicide, she shouldn’t have made tapes blaming others for her decision.

Facing a problem head on instead of letting it build up is just as of a proactive measure to solving issues with others. Leaving these tapes behind as a secret creates a lot of problems for the characters in the show, while they’re trying to develop a case against the school.

I understand that parents and family members want to know the reasons why someone commits suicide, but no blame should be put on anyone but the person taking their own life. This show makes suicide look too easy. Suicide should not be easy. It should be a very difficult decision, that takes a lot of thought.

I hate what this show portrays, and this article just barely hits the surface of it.