My Makeup Routine

I don’t always do my makeup. It certainly isn’t a daily thing, my face would revolt. But when I do my makeup, I feel like I can face anything. It’s like a barrier between myself and the world. I try to keep my routine simple, but today is not going to be simple. This is a full glam look, which I wore in a sweatshirt and leggings, because I will only put so much effort into a look.

This is my very naked face. Nothing on it except exhaustion and stress.

First step is wash the face, and to moisturize. My face is weird in that there are some areas that you could deep fry in, and then other patches of the actual dessert. So I use Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture Sensitive Skin. It hydrates the dry areas without angering the rest of my face.

Then primer, because of my skin, I use primer to make sure everything stays in place, for the most part. Personally I use Soap & Glory’s One Heck of A Blot Instant Perfecting Power Primer (these companies need to shorten their names). I have only ever used this primer before, and my first bottle was a Christmas gift from my makeup savvy aunt.

I am a red person. I turn this color all the time, which means I try to cover it up. Not because I don't love my natural coloring, but I grow tired of people asking if I'm okay all the time. The answer is usually no, but not because my face is slowly challenging a strawberry to a pigment contest. So I use L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream Anti-Redness (seriously, that's the name). And it works wonders on my skin, and does remarkably well covering the redness.


Foundation is the natural progression of a full makeup routine, but I don’t use a technical foundation. I use a concealer as my foundation. It’s a lighter formula that shows my freckles, which I am very proud of. There’s a saying my family uses, “the more freckles, the prettier you are”. I find this to be very true. The concealer I use as my foundation is Laura Geller The Real Concealer in the shade light. Because I really don’t go outside. 

Next up is concealer actually being used as a concealer. I use this one because of it’s heavier formula. This means it covers up my designer black circles under my eyes from staying up to late reading and Netflixing. Almay Clear Complexion Concealer in 100 Light. The palest shade they make. Excuse the bite marks, my dog loves to chew things, especially makeup.

I don’t own setting powder to bake with, but I do have translucent powder to lock all of that down. This is another Soap & Glory product. The Super-Translucent Mattifying Powder One Heck of A Blot.

Then there’s blush, which I have as a natural setting but I still use product. I do a more feverish pink that sits on the apples of my cheeks. And let’s be honest, the reason I do this is because I haven’t quite mastered blending. I use Physicians Formula Argan Wear in Natural. I’m just going to go ahead and mention my bronzer and yellow highlight brand from Ulta in the Oil Slick palette.

This is when my DIY nature comes out. I made a formula that is supposed to help your eyebrows and eyelashes grow. It’s equal parts aloe and coconut oil. The bottle was recycled from an old mascara tube.

Now eyeshadow. I have blue eyes, so brown shadows are supposed to help make my eyes “pop”, no idea if this really works or not. But I haven’t graduated to being able to blend for anything. So neutral is my go to until that happens. I use the Ulta Oil Slick pallette for my eyeshadow. I always use white on the inner corners of my eyes, to help combat all the sleep that I never get. Then, a super light purple to cover the veins in my eyelids that can be seen. Next, I use a super light brown as an all over, and dark brown on the outer corners and creases of my eyes. The middle highlight color is dark brown shimmer color that I adore.

Onto my funky brows. There is a reason that they are about three different colors of my hairs, so I try to make them all as uniform as possible. I use two products on my brows. It Brow Power in Universal Taupe and Benefit Gimme Brow in the shade 1. These products add uniformity and wow factor to my brows.

My eyeliner is the Ulta Dual Ended Eyeliner in Mink and Black. I prefer Mink to go along with the brown eyeshadow look. And my lashes are covered in Urban Decay’s Perversion. This mascara holds a special place in my heart because it was the first mascara my mom bought me that wasn't for dance performances.

My lips are first and foremost always covered in chapstick, of which I have eight and will grab the closest one to me when I do my makeup. But the vampy look is a personal pick of mine. Gives a mysterious vibe that I live for. So I use Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain Moisturizing Lip Colour in the shade Lady and The Vamp. Which is fitting for the look. But I really got it to go along with the color of the year, purple.

And now for my favorite part! Highlight! My goal in life is to be a Holo vampire. I have not yet acquired a Holo highlight, but I am working on it. So, I use Wet n Wild Megaglo Makeup Stick Highlight in When the Nude Strikes. It’s a great universal highlight. And it continues to glow even when the rest of my makeup has faded.

And that is it! I have put my entire makeup routine out. I have not idea how long this takes me. Maybe half an episode of Grey’s Anatomy? I need to time myself the next time I do this look. But here is the final look. And the products are fairly easy to acquire. Most everything is from the drugstore or Ulta.