My First Big Trip With My New Boyfriend

     We are currently living in a culture where the term “Baecation” is officially a thing. Yes, you heard me right Baecation. For those of you who might not know what it means a Baecation is a vacation that one takes with their “bae” or significant other. 

     For some when thinking about taking a trip with a significant other, relaxation, romance, and passion might come to mind. For others, like me, anxiety, stress, and worrying are what comes to mind. This is the story of how I barely survived my first big trip with my new boyfriend. 

     Me, being my anxious self, started worrying about this trip (Spring Break) since the moment I knew that I was going to spend a week with my boyfriend and some of our closest friends. Right off the bat some of the things that I started to worry about was how much and what to pack (didn’t want to pack too much and didn’t want to pack too little), what was I going to wear for PJs (was I going to go with super cute PJs every night or was I just going to go with the basic t-shirt and shorts), and what type of clothes I wanted to bring.

     The day had finally arrived and there I stood at the bottom of my apartment waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up. I looked over at my two bags, my book bag, and my toiletry bag and groaned… I knew that I had packed too much...  especially since we were only going for a week. Thankfully, as he was helping me load everything into the car he didn't say much about it or make a joke, this helped me relive my stress a little… even though it was for just a moment. The next thing that I had become stressed out about was the car ride down. I was about to spend eight straight hours with my boyfriend of 1 and a half months. Was he going to like my taste in music? Would the Disney songs I was going to blast annoy him? Was my singing voice going to annoy him? What if I talked too much? What if I didn’t talk enough? All of these questions were racing through my head. 

     Thankfully we split up the music based on who was driving and he didn’t have to hear too much of my 2000s pop and hip-pop choice of music, and thankfully the ride down wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Except for the part where I had a mini-meltdown while driving through Atlanta Traffic and I freaked out because the lanes were so small and I thought that every car that was passing me was going to hit me. All in all, we made it… in one piece… no scratches on the car… and no speeding tickets. 


As the week went by and I changed out of my clothes and tried different outfits on, I became anxious about not wanting to seem like a slob. I wanted to be neat but at the same time this was a vacation and I didn’t want to spend too much time folding clothes and reorganizing my bags every time I took something out. So I comprised with myself and threw my clothes in the general vicinity of my bags and organized them every two days… I know I’m crazy. 

     As the week also went by… we ate. We ate a lot. We ate fast food, we ate seafood, and we ate good food. And as basic as I can get without saying something vulgar, what comes in must eventually come back out. Being the girlfriend that is too embarrassed to even flatulate in front of my boyfriend, the thought of having to do the deed in a bathroom that we shared made my skin crawl and made me so anxious. So the week was filled with me having to hold it in and having to “pretend” to go to Walmart because I “forgot something, when I just couldn’t hold it in anymore.

     Finally, the week was coming to an end, and I had finally begun to relax. Looking back at the experience, all the things that I was worried about, I had made more stressful by being stressed out about them. Thankfully, I was surrounded by great people, and I was able to add a vacation to my repertoire of memories that I will never be able to forget. Until next year PCB.