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Hey friends! It has been a minute since my last article, but I’ve needed a mental health break. The stigma around taking mental health checks can be quite toxic, but I just want you all to know it’s okay to take breaks. Taking breaks is a healthy way to allow your body and mind to rejuvenate and reset. Your body and mind will thank you later. Now onto the fun bit; I am going to share with you my favorite places on campus and around Boone where I like to study.

The AppState Solarium

The Solarium is located in the Plemmons Student Union and features a serene environment with plants and trees indoors, lovely flowing water, and a view over the Sanford Mall. If you are someone who needs a quiet space but also likes light background noise, this is the perfect place for you. I personally enjoy the ambiance of the Solarium which makes it a very relaxing and enjoyable work environment. I will give a small disclaimer, there is a piano which some people do play. If you need absolute quiet skip ahead to #3. 

Cascades Cafe

This is a seating area located next to the Grandfather Mountain Ballroom and the Crossroads Coffee House. I personally love this area since the seating has a dome above it and windows almost all around which makes me feel encapsulated in natural light. I find this to be the perfect spot for enjoying a coffee and a snack while working on some homework or class work. I wouldn’t recommend this spot if you are trying to study if you are prone to being distracted by people talking or walking past you. However, if you can work with light talking and the natural pitter-patter of people’s feet, then this spot is for you. 

Side note: when it rains, it is so pretty to watch from this area :)

Belk Library

I can already hear it, “Boo, everyone knows to go to a library. Why is this on the list?”. To that I say, “First, rude, and second I have a tip; fourth floor”. I know, stairs are the ancient enemy to all, but I promise you it is worth the deep breathing once you make it. I find the fourth floor to be the most quiet of all the floors in the library and filled with people actually wanting to study. Bonus, the view of campus is so pretty.  I genuinely love libraries. I find the atmosphere to be very cozy and studious which makes me want to focus and study harder. If you are looking for a spot with little to no noise, this is the perfect place/spot for you. 

Clawson-Burnley Park

If you are someone who loves to study outdoors and want to get off campus, this is a perfect spot. This little park is located near Leon Levine Hall and behind the Watauga County Industrial Fields. I find this spot so stunning during the hotter months and just as cozy during the cooler months. There are gazebos where you can sit and do your work, and park benches along the trails. If you are wanting a study date, this is the perfect spot to lay out a picnic area in one of the many open fields. This spot is also good for those who need to constantly get up and move after a few minutes. The Greenway walking trails are right behind this park and are very scenically beautiful! 

There you have it, my favorite spots to study. I think the most important part of the college experience is making memories and gaining knowledge and experience; who says it has to be boring? Studying can be just as fun when you find new and comfortable places to learn. I encourage you all to try out these spots and find a few of your own. 

I wish you all the absolute best; and remember, take care of yourselves. Peace and love everyone and I’ll see you soon! 

Honorable Mention

  • Kovu’s Coffee – very aesthetic coffee shop with a study room and lounge area
  • Blue Ridge Parkway- certain spots have picnic tables with a stunning view (might not have service)
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