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From Mother Nature to a Motherboard: Meet Jacob Stechly

If you walk through the bookstore on campus, you may notice Jacob Stechly working in the computer store inside. If you have any questions about technology, he is your guy. There isn’t anyone in Boone quite as eccentric as him. When not being a technology enthusiast in the computer store, he remains busy by constantly doing something. From hiking or backpacking on the weekends, to juggling or playing his ocarina, he is always up for trying new things.

His love of all things technology is what drove him to chose not only his major, but also apply to work in the computer store. When asked about his work in the bookstore he said, “Working in the bookstore may not seem fulfilling to a lot of people, but its some of the best experience I can get for my future. Hopefully someday I can work for a large tech company and use my technical and social skills to sell or market various products to the public. Working in the computer store and gaining that exact experience by talking to different students every day and teaching them about new products is honestly a dream come true, and it’s a position I’m very fortunate to have.”

Jacob’s love for technology also transfers over into other aspects of his life. His futuristic apartment makes other student apartments seem outdated. He said, “I can tell my apartment to turn off the lights and start playing Stranger Things on the TV, so who’s the real winner here?”

Technology is a huge part of Jacob’s life. “At any point in time, I can tell you way more than you need/want to know about why I have a (respectfully) severe distaste for iPhones and why Android is the future of mobile operating systems,” he said. “I’m a lot of fun at parties. And in the same breath I’m also a tad bit obsessed with everything Apple, Google, and all futuristic smart home technology.”  He is always willing tell anyone he can about the ins and outs of anything related to technology.

He is also an avid backpacker whenever he gets the chance.

“I’ve been on two backpacking trips in my time here at App, and they’re hands down some of the best experiences I’ve had,” Jacob said. “I think one of the most important things for someone to have in life is perspective. It’s easy to get caught up in the pressures of schoolwork and stresses of… well of people, but leaving that all behind for a few days can be one of the most beneficial and rewarding things to do. Leaving your cell phone behind and just trekking out into nature when you’re stressed about having two papers and three exams next week can really put you at ease and give you time to snap into that perspective of what’s really important in your life.” His love for nature and being outside is one of the main reason he chose to come to App State. He loves to go hiking or lay around in his eno every chance he gets.

When he is not being an outdoorsman or working in the computer store, Jacob enjoys going home to spend time with his dog Ali.

When asked about being more of a dog or cat person he replied with, “Definitely a dog person. Cats can be kind of alright sometimes, but I’ll make a fool of myself way sooner if there’s a dog nearby.” He is completely obsessed with Ali and misses her so much when he is away at school.

So, if you have any questions or need advice about technology, or just want a backpacking companion, Jacob Stechly is the guy for you.

One of his favorite things about App is: “I love how friendly and eclectic the people are.” So don’t be afraid to stop inside the computer store and meet him!  

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