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The Mindy Project Finale Recap: The Infamous Elevator Scene

The Mindy Project season 4 finale ended with a bang as Mindy once again found herself stuck inside an elevator with a man.

If you’ll remember correctly, Mindy Lahiri’s first relationship started off by getting stuck in an elevator with Tom, the man whose wedding she crashed in the pilot episode. Flames ignited between Tom and Mindy while stuck in the elevator of the hospital, and in typical rom-com fashion, Mindy and Tom fell in love.

We revisit the infamous elevator incident in the season four finale, “You’ve Got Mail” as Mindy and her ex-fiancé, Danny, get trapped in an elevator at Leo’s school after a parent-teacher conference. There’s no one left in the school to help them, so they end up having to spend the night in the elevator together.

To recap on what’s been happening with Danny and Mindy before this – Danny has gotten engaged, set the date for his wedding, and oh, MAILED Mindy the invitation before telling her he was engaged. That’s one way to tell your ex and mother of your child that you’re getting married.

Mindy has been busy too running her fatality clinic, going on dates, and toying with possibly being romantically involved with her co-worker, Jody.

What’s Jody been up to before the elevator catastrophe? Well, Jody has finally accepted his love for Mindy, again, but this time he’s fully committed to trying to win her affection. Jody, with the help of Morgan, decides to do a big gesture in trying to woo Mindy. If you’ll remember, since moving out of Danny’s place, Mindy had to turn her dream-worthy closet into a nursery for baby Leo. Knowing this, Jody buy’s Mindy the apartment above her so she’ll have more room for her stuff. Yes, you read that right, THE MAN BOUGHT HER AN APARTMENT. New York apartments aren’t cheap, my friends. So Jody is hoping buying her an apartment will make up for the whole still trying to have sex with her after finding out he has an STD thing.

While Jody is preparing the big surprise for Mindy, she’s stuck in an elevator with her ex-fiancé, Danny. The two start to talk about their relationships since having parted ways. Mindy asks Danny if he’s been serious with anyone. This would be the perfect time for Danny to tell Mindy about his fiancé, right? Danny, instead, starts making-out with Mindy, totally forgetting about that invitation he dropped in Mindy’s mailbox earlier. You weren’t really thinking there, where you, Danny?

Just like with Mindy and Tom in the pilot episode, the broken elevator serves as the perfect mating ground. Danny and Mindy end up having sex that night in the elevator before being rescued the next morning.

Before parting ways, Mindy wholeheartedly tells Danny that she loves him, and Danny says it back. Adorable, right? What about that letter of doom that’s in Mindy’s mailbox? What about Danny’s fiancé? What about Jody and the apartment?

The Danny and Mindy fairytale ending doesn’t come as Mindy returns to find Jody and he gifts her with the apartment. Mindy’s at a loss for words, as are we as the audience. Jody kind of admits that he’s in love with her, the wedding invitation has arrived, and it looks like Mindy Lahiri has found herself in a bit of a mess again.

Who will Mindy choose? Will it be Danny or Jody? Will Danny call off the wedding? How is Mindy going to react to the invitation? Is Mindy going to keep the apartment Jody bought her? Where does Morgan fit into the equation?

We hope all this and more are answered on the next season of The Mindy Project now streaming on Hulu!





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