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Today App State students woke up to the best news since Lil Wayne came to campus last year. MIGOS is coming to App State. This is not a drill. Here is actual footage of what it looked like when we got the news…

APPS has blessed us once again, a gift that we are not worthy of of course. Tickets go on sale next Monday (February 26, 2018) at 9 am so y’all better be at your computers ready because it’s about to be the hunger games again. 

You can get all of the information you could ever need on this miraculous occasion here. But back to how we all reacted… 

When you started doing the math trying to see how many meals you were going to skip to buy those floor tickets…

You immediately had to put your favorite MIGOS playlist on repeat…

What if Cardi B makes an appearance? Would I just die? Yes. I would in fact just die. Right there. In convo.  For the record this is about to be how I’m dancing all night. 

When you heard someone go “I don’t even really like MIGOS. Couldn’t they have gotten someone better?”

You know you’re already planning out your thottiest outfit. Because “a ho never gets cold” in the words of our Queen Cardi B. 

You’re in class just mentally jamming to  B​ad and Boujee at this point day dreaming about Takeoff.  

How you think you’ll look at the concert…

How you’ll really look at the concert. But you just don’t care. 

It’s too lit at App State today y’all. We were truly blessed by APPS again and we can’t wait to get rowdy in convo once again. What MIGOS song are you blaring on repeat up until the concert?

Be on the lookout for contest from HC App State to win prizes to either compliment your thottiest outfit or help you the day after. 



Appalachian Popular Programing Society (APPS)


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