A Midseason Reaction to American Horror Story: Cult

So, now that we are about halfway through this season of American Horror Story: Cult, and it has taken me this long to stop saying "WTF???!!!!" after ever single scene. I struggled through the first few episodes, thinking it was another disaster season like Roanoke was, but then I got to thinking about it, and once again, I am excited by the genius that is Ryan Murphy.

The season starts off with the results of the election being announced and shows two very different reactions to the news. Evan Peters, who plays an uber conservative trying to take over the world, saw the results as a win for all human beings and was ecstatic with the news. (He was even shown humping his tv... ew) On the other hand, Sarah Paulson's character was sent back into a mental health downward spiral because of the news. Her phobias started to come back to her and they affected her entire life. Even her wife was getting irritated with her and knew something needed to be done.

Honestly, most of the stuff in between the first episode and last night's episode is borderline skip-able. Sure, stuff happened, but it really got juicy last night. Ryan Murphy has been keeping us guessing about what this so-called cult is all about, and whether or not it is actually real. The clowns (ew) that keep haunting Sarah Paulson's character are seemed to be all in her head as a result of her agoraphobia, but that is just what they want her to think. 

Each episode leading up to last night's was the story of how all the specific members of the cult became members. Evan Peters' character is the so-called savior of all of these "lost souls" who need a purpose for making the world a better place, by their definition. So far, the cult's goal is to instill fear into the people of their town so their leader can run for city council and the scared citizens can "depend" on him.

This season stinks of government conspiracy, which I think is the whole point. It is too soon to tell if my theories for this season are correct, so I won't share them yet, but be on the lookout for another article if they are! 

This season is classic Ryan Murphy, with all the plot twists and secrets you won't find out until the last episode. It is so frustrating, but so rewarding when your theories are correct. If you haven't watched yet, start binging now because this season has the potential to be up there with Murder House and Coven (aka, the two best seasons of the show absolutely ever!!!).