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Mid Semester Motivation

Midterms have passed, spring break has come and gone, and we are sitting a little past the halfway point in this spring semester. It’s great when you think about it, but right now I’m getting a reaaaal bad case of senioritis. I don’t want to do any more work, my body can’t even school anymore, and I’m just over it.

I have officially taken the last set of midterms that I will ever have to take in my life, and that is a GREAT feeling. However, I still feel like I have light-years to go until I finally graduate with the degree I’ve been working so hard for. I’m not sure which goes by slower, reaching the halfway point in a semester, or making it to the end AFTER reaching the halfway point? Being a senior, each one is equally torturous.

I feel like the only real motivation I can offer to other people in my same position, those who are anxiously awaiting the day they walk across the stage is this: take advantage of the time you have left. Though the “final countdown” is a long one in my eyes, it will fly by and next thing we know, we’ll be thrown into “the real world.” So take advantage of your remaining time as a student and truly enjoy it. I’ve been keeping track of all my “lasts,” such as my last spring break, my last set of midterms, my last time experiencing snow at App as a student, etc. etc. It may sound dumb, but it helps to pass the time making every small thing a special moment.


If that doesn’t do it for you, then just know we only have:

8 weeks

58 days

8 Mondays

(At the time of writing this article, that is!)


We’re almost there!

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