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You've read their articles and blog posts, but now you're wondering - Who are the HCAppState writers behind the computer? Well, now you know! 

Name: Anne Buie
Major:Middle Grades Education and Communication
Year: Freshman           
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Favorite magazine: Reader’s Digest
Favorite topic to write about: Whatever I’m inspired by most – it changes on a day to day basis. Sometimes it can be relationships and other times it’s about fitness.
Bio: I’m a freshman from Charlotte, double majoring in journalism and middle grades education with a minor in English. I love to write, both for Her Campus and as a senior news reporter at The Appalachian. I’m prone to both over-scheduling and all nighters, but when I do stumble across some spare time, I love spending it with friends or a good book.
Name:Bailey Smith
Major:English/Secondary Education
Year: Junior
Hometown: Gastonia, NC 
Favorite magazine: Elle
Favorite topic to write about: Relationships
Bio:First of all, let me just say that I love writing and I LOVE HerCampus! This has been a fantastic opportunity to not only practice my writing skills but to also get to know a great group of girls here at Appalachian.  When I go through a less-than-enjoyable time in my life, I love to make an article out of it; it makes my week to hear that I’m helping other girls who are going through the same thing! In my spare time, I love writing (shocking, I know), spending time with my friends and family, “thrifting,” travelling, and eating endless amounts of pasta and sushi. 

Name:Brittany Fielding
Major:Apparel Design and Merchandising
Hometown:Medina, OH
Favorite Magazine:InStyle
Favorite topic to write about: Fashion!
Bio: Brittany is a 21-year-old student studying Apparel Design and Merchandising at ASU. Originally from a suburb of Cleveland, OH, Brittany's future career aspirations include moving back to a big city and writing for a major fashion publication. In her free time, Brittany enjoys relaxing with her roommates, shopping, exercising, reading, writing, traveling, and sewing.

Name:Emily Bishop           
Major:Marketing with a communications minor
Hometown:Cary, NC
Favorite magazine:Glamour
Favorite topic to write about:Beauty products and fashion!
Bio: I was incredibly happy to hear about HC App State when I first transferred here in the fall.  I applied on a whim and had no idea how much I would love being a part of it.  Not only has it helped me adjust as a transfer student, but I have made some wonderful friends in the process.  The writers get along so well and we thoroughly enjoy each other’s company.  I live for our weekly coffee dates at Espresso News; I can honestly say we have a fabulous team to work with which is what makes HC so much fun!  I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to write for her campus and improve my skills as well as get to know such a great group of young ladies.

Name:Haley Cahill
Major:Apparel Design & Merchandising
Hometown: Lewisburg, WV
Favorite Magazine:People Style Watch
Favorite Topic to Write About:It's a toss up between fashion and fitness!
Bio: I am obsessed with all things fashion and health related, and love writing about them even more; Her Campus is a perfect fit for me!  I also enjoy dancing, exercising, baking, and eating--you can almost always find me eating!  Traveling and trying new things are also some of my biggest interests. I once went to Belize and zip-lined through an open-air cave in the jungle! It was one of the best experiences of my life.  I also take pride in the fact that I'm from the 2011 "America's Coolest Small Town", Lewisburg, WV.  If you're ever in the area, check out my hometown! My biggest passion of all, though, is New York City.  I am thoroughly in love with New York and plan to pursue a career in the fashion industry there after I graduate.
Name:Katie Strasser
Major:English- Creative Writing
Hometown:Holly Springs, NC
Favorite Magazine:Southern Living
Favorite Topic to write about:Food and Dining
Bio: I'm a graduating senior this semester, and extremely nervous and excited about starting my life in the "real world." I have loved reading and writing my entire life and the writing staff at Her Campus has been the perfect place for me in college. I'm obsessed with food: cooking and eating, and can't say no to a trip to the J.Crew Factory outlet in Blowing Rock. App has always been my ideal university and I have loved getting familiar with the awesome local restaurants, scenery, and winter (snow) activities. If it wasn't for work and class, I would be eating fish tacos with mango salsa at Black Cat and then reading a book or magazine on the parkway every single day. I'm so excited that ASU has started a Her Campus branch because there is so much creativity and freedom allowed when we choose our content. I've had opportunities to write about dating mistakes, local deep fried Oreos, finding friends after college, and even got to interview the Boom Box guy. In the future, I want to pursue a career in the magazine industry and live enough life to merit writing a book that I can be proud of.
Name:Melissa Vega
Major:Communication - Public Relations
Hometown:Raleigh, NC
Favorite magazine:Real Simple, Spin, Kinfolk, Glamour
Favorite topic to write about:The problem is what not to write about :)
Bio:Ever since I was a little one, I loved to write. I constantly begged my parents to buy me journals and believed nothing was concrete until I wrote it down. I still feel the same way today and instead of just hiding behind the pages of my journal, I love to write to share things with others. In one phrase, I aspire to inspire. Throughout the years, I've gained passion for photography, blogging, traveling, meeting new people, and just focusing on the little things in life. I hope to see the world, share my experiences, and create my little corner.

Senior Marketing and Management major at App State.
Brittany Fielding is a senior studying Apparel Design and Merchandising at Appalachian State University. She loves to write, shop, exercise, watch sports, and spend time with her friends and family. Originally from Cleveland, OH, Brittany plans on moving back to a big city after graduation to pursue a career in fashion buying/merchandising. 
I am a 2015 graduate of Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. I graduated summa cum laude with a degree in communication, journalism. Upon graduation, I moved to Nashville, Tennessee to work for my college sorority, AOII. I am currently the Assistant Director of Communications of AOII and Editor of our internationally-circulated magazine, To Dragma. I'm a fitness enthusiast through and through. I love weightlifting, running and boxing, and I am always up for a new workout! I am also a coffee addict with a killer sweet tooth. When I'm not at work or at the gym, you can find me scoping out the latest and greatest coffee and donut spots in Nashville.  I've been part of the Her Campus team since 2012, when I joined App State's team of writers. I was the CC of my chapter my senior year, as well as a Chapter Advisor. I have remained a CA since graduating, and I love having the opportunity to stay connected to Her Campus in this role!
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