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Meet Savannah Bower, Chi Omega’s New President

Name: Savannah BowerMajor: Business and Marketing EducationYear: JuniorHometown: Wake Forest, NC

Q: What is your position on Chi Omega's executive board and what are your duties?A: I currently serve as Chi Omega’s President, which comes with an abundant amount of duties. I am the liaison between Chi Omega nationals and our chapter, I run weekly chapter meetings, assist in recruitment, manage conduct issues, work with fellow greek President’s to promote positive PanHellenic, provide support for members, and more. Although it’s a big responsibility, I’m excited to see what this opportunity will bring!  

Q: What made you want to join this organization?A: This organization is unlike any other. Upon meeting the girls of Chi Omega, I felt so at home and so unbelievably welcomed. The genuineness and even goofy spirits allowed me to be myself. On top of the diverse girls, I also appreciate Chi Omega’s philanthropy, Make-A-Wish Foundation. To be able to make a difference and actually see the results of our hard work is indescribable.

Q: What is the best part about your job and being part of your organization?A: The best part of my job is being able to work with my sisters in building an even stronger organization. These girls make Chi Omega what it is and I am honored to be apart of it!

Q: How can girls get involved with Greek life in the future?A: Currently, several sororities are hosting Spring Recruitment. I would encourage anyone interested to at least dip their toes in the water and see what each group has to offer. There is also a Fall Recruitment in which all sororities participate in, which gives you an opportunity to see what everyone has to offer. It’s important to keep an open mind throughout the process and choose the sorority that makes you feel most at home.  

Q: What other things are you involved in on campus?A: I am currently a Campus Campaign Coordinator for Teach For America, a Student Union Supervisor, and am working towards starting a DECA club.

Q: What are your plans for after you graduate?A: After I graduate I intend to apply for the Building Excellent Schools Fellowship that trains educators in developing their very own school. I hope upon completing the fellowship, if of course I’m accepted, to create a junior/senior high school focused on business and entrepreneurship.

Senior Advertising major, Art minor at Appalachian State University.
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