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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at App State chapter.

Allow me to introduce Sarah Magness, the new Graduate Assistant at the LGBT Center! Sarah is a second year graduate student studying college student development at App and has already hit the ground running in her new position with quite an impressive list of goals for the new school year, not to mention the many events she has in the works.

Q:  What are some of you goals this year for the LGBT Center?

A:  I want to bring more awareness to campus and bring more focus to transgender and bisexual education because there are lots of myths surrounding those two communities and less awareness about them. I want to revamp the outreach components and talk about the “why?” behind the events we put on.  I also plan to continue working with the university to provide resources to the LGBT community like safe spaces for them to live in campus housing, as well as looking into possible partner benefits for faculty and staff.

Q: What do you think is the biggest misconception about the LGBT Center?

A: A big misconception is that the LGBT Center is only for LGBT individuals; it’s not.  It is a myth that people who are straight cannot come to the center.  Anyone wanting to learn more is welcome.  We want to be an inclusive educational office.

Q: What events do you have in the works?

A:  The “Gay? Fine by me” event is September 18.  The t-shirt campaign was really big last year, but this year we are pre-ordering shirts so that anyone who wants one can get one.  We want to rally allies and have different programs and activities to raise awareness about being an ally. The other event we have going on in September is a petition to overturn the FDA blood ban which prohibits men who have had sex with men from giving blood in their lifetime. You can sign the petition at the Homecoming Blood Drive on September 25th.

Q: Tell me about being an ally and how someone can become one.

A:  Anyone can be an ally.  ASU offers Appalachian Ally Training in order to be recognized as a trained ally through the university, but in general, being an ally is being aware of the issues the LGBT community faces, standing up against hate speech, and advocating for LGBT members.  We like to encourage people to be active allies, instead of passive allies. The LGBT community needs people to help speak out against ignorance and hate.

Q:  Tell me what your new role as the Graduate Assistant of the LGBT Center means to you and how it has impacted you?

A:  I have always been a part of raising awareness about the LGBT community, but my endeavors haven’t been supported as much as they are at Appalachian.  Having App’s support, and support from faculty, staff, and administration, including the Chancellor, Provost, Associate Vice Chancellor, and Dean of Students, means the world to me.  The students I work with at the LGBT Center are phenomenal because they choose to be here and are very active in LGBT Center events, as well as other organizations on campus.  This role is a dream come true to me—I have a rainbow office! Being able to do things I’ve always done, but doing them full time is fantastic.

For more information about the LGBT Center and how to get involved, visit glbt.appstate.edu or swing by the Center located on the first floor of Plemmons Student Union.  Also be sure to check out S.A.G.A (Sexuality And Gender Alliance), which meets at 7PM on Thursdays, and TransACTION, which meets at 6PM on Wednesdays, if you’re looking for other clubs and organizations to get involved in. Anyone is welcome!


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