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Meet Jordan Hines

‘Neers, I would like to (in)formally introduce you to Jordan Hines! Jordan is a spunky, inspirational, joke cracking, animal and design loving student here at Appalachian. Keep on reading to learn some more about her, you know you want to!

Major: Graphic Design

Year in School: Sophomore

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Hobbies: Photography, eating pineapples, and playing with dogs

Celeb Status: Led a domestic Alternative Service Experience (ASE) as a sophomore


Q: So Jordan, what made you choose to come to Appalachian?A: Originally I applied because the idea of attending a college in the mountains really appealed to me and then I learned about the graphic design program here and I knew I needed to be a mountaineer.

Q: Your major is graphic design, what do you hope to do with that after you graduate?A: I would really love to get an internship with a design firm or studio in a big city, like New York or Chicago. I know that my major is competitive and I am willing to put in the hard work and dedication to put my work out there and who knows where I will go from there. I would love to connect my interests in volunteering/service and graphic design to work for a non-profit.

Q: You’re finishing up your sophomore year, what’s been the thing you’re most proud to have accomplished this year?A: This year I led an ASE to Horse Creek, it was my first time as a peer leader and my co-leader ended up not being able to come along at the last minute. I was in an absolute panic and my head was swarming with self-doubt. But somehow my group and I survived and we had a blast. I never would have believed that I could have done this on my own but sometimes you just have to dive in and trust yourself.

Q: What was the thing that drew you to wanting to participate in, and eventually lead, an Alternative Service Experience?A: My freshman year I had no plans for spring break so I decided to go on an ASE, I like volunteering and I thought this would be a nice way to meet some new people on campus. I ended up learning so much more about service and community than I ever would have imagined. By the end of my program I wanted to stay active within ACT so I applied to be a peer leader the following year and I ended up becoming one!

Q: One thing ASE aims to do is expose students to what different areas in the United States and across the world are like, what do you think is the most important thing college students need to be aware of?A: What I have found to be most enlightening is the ability to be understanding that everyone has different experiences and these experiences make us look at the world differently. Realizing that not everyone in my life is the same as me and my privilege is going to look different than everyone else’s privilege. I believe this idea really opened up my mind and has helped me to grow as a college student and as a human being.

Q: What would you say is a quality about yourself you value?A: My honesty. I’ve been told that I can come across as blunt and anyone who knows me that is reading this is probably nodding their head in agreement. I want to be someone that not only my friends can trust but somebody anyone can trust, and I believe honesty is something to be valued in a person.

Q: If you could choose one place or one organization to volunteer with, either through ASE or otherwise, what would it be and why?A: I love working with animals, so any local humane society is my preferred choice place to volunteer at. I think it’s important to volunteer with organizations that advocate for all kinds of social justice, whether it be animal rights, homelessness, poverty, youth, etc.


Q: How did volunteering at Horse Creek Sanctuary impact you?A: After spending a week at Horse Creek Wildlife Sanctuary I have learned that the difference people can make is not equivalent to the distance traveled. And that service doesn’t stop once the program has ended, there are so many ways to get plugged in with the community to continue being an active citizen. And stepping out of your comfort zone is just the beginning to making a difference.

Q: What is one of your favorite memories about your ASE experiences so far?A: After traveling to Horse Creek twice, my favorite memory has been witnessing the impact that socialization has on animals. There are two dogs at HC that are brothers and they were found in a dumpster as puppies so they have severe anxiety and have trouble socializing with humans and other dogs. After a week of spending time with them and gaining their trust it was incredible to see the change in their behavior and it’s nice to know that this socialization is helping HC to find homes for these dogs.

Q: What is one thing you hope to accomplish while you’re still in college?A: I would really love to lead another domestic ASE over spring break!



Amber Layfield, senior at Appalachian State studying psychology and criminal justice, teaches Pilates and Yoga, and is Co-Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Appalachian State!  Enjoys hiking in Boone, getting lost in a great book, dabbling in cooking, knitting, creating jewelry, and writing. An avid animal, coffee, pizza, Harry Potter and Pinterest lover.
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