Meet Haley Patton : Future Social Media Mogul

Haley Patton is a just your average college student, but aside from majoring in public relations with a double minor in women’s studies and internet studies, she’s working to give App State student the concerts and events they deserve.

Haley is the special events chairperson for APPS.  Within this position, she not only heads a council, but leads APPS meetings to figure out how to plan and promote the events they host. APPS tries to have about two events per month.

Some of the events APPS puts on includes, but is not limited to Appal Fest, Spring Fling and a capella competitions. Through providing a variety of events APPS's main goal is to have something for everyone and provide the building blocks for a strong community on App State’s campus.

After getting involved her freshman year, Haley not only joined APPS, but previously held the position of special events secretary her sophomore year and worked in the special events, concerts and club shows councils.

While Haley is heavily involved in App State’s community, she is also working outside of our community as an intern.

Haley is currently the social media intern for Second Chance Pet Adoptions Shelter in Raleigh. This shelter is the oldest no-kill shelter in the Triangle. As the social media intern, Haley works to create the monthly newsletter and is also working to help them improve their presence on social media.

As a junior looking towards the future, Haley is looking west. Once she graduates she hopes to end up somewhere like Denver, Seattle or Portland preferably doing social media for a beauty company or something based in the music industry.