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Meet Claudia Damiano

Name: Claudia DamianoClass: Freshman (2018)Major: Exercise Science

Q: What’s your favorite song?A: Heroes by Alesso.

Q: Who’s your celeb crush at the moment?A: James Lafferty (Nathan Scott from One Tree Hill).

Q: What organizations are you involved with on campus?A: Alpha Phi, ASU Women’s club Lacrosse team.

Q: Say it’s a Friday night in Boone, where could we find you?A: On a Friday night, I either go out with my friends, or sometimes I just want to sit in my bed and catch up on Vampire Diaries.

Q: If you could be any animal, which would you be?A: If I could be any animal I would be a shark because I have a phobia of them, so if I was one, I wouldn’t be as afraid.

Q: What qualities do you look for in a guy?A: To me, the most important qualities in a guy are honesty, trustworthiness, and he has to be able to make me laugh!

Q: Describe your dream date.A: My dream date would be stargazing at night. We would pack a blanket, pillows, and food and go somewhere to see the stars. We would just talk and hang out and make a bucket list of things we want to do.


Jordan is a Freshman at Appalachian State working a degree in Communications and Public Relations. She's a member of the Theta-Nu chapter of Alpha Phi, and currently serves as the Director of Target Membership Marketing for the chapter. Jordan is an intern newsdesk reporter at The Appalachian campus paper. In her free time, she loves being lazy with the gent, Lee, and their puppies; Macey, Jack, and Ruby. Her dream job is to be a News Anchor.
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