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Meet Aurelia Edwards: Cosmopolitan Campus Ambassador

Name: Aurelia Edwards

Year: Senior

Major: Advertising

Job Title: Cosmopolitan Campus Ambassador


Q: Tell me about your involvement with Cosmopolitan Magazine

A: This semester I am a Campus Ambassador for Cosmopolitan Magazine. Through this I am able to promote Cosmopolitan through marketing, promotions, and sales.


Q: How did you get this position?

A: The application for this position was very different and really made an impression on me. Applicants were asked to select brands that represent ourselves, name trends on our campus, and explain why we deserved the position through a haiku (really).


Q: Have you had any rewarding experiences because of this position?

A: This past weekend I had the privilege of attending the Miley Cyrus concert in Brooklyn, New York and even had brunch with pretty important people who work for Cosmopolitan! I was able to take this trip because I’m currently a top subscription seller in the program.


Q: Are you going to pursue a career or internship with Cosmo?

A:    It would be a dream come true if I were able work with the Cosmopolitan brand after graduation. Ambassadors at other universities and myself are competing for an internship this summer!


In true Cosmopolitan Magazine fashion, Aurelia filled out a Cosmo Quiz:



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