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Meet App’s Sporty Spice: Kalin Rierson

Full Name: Kalin Elizabeth Rierson

Major: Marketing

Year: Senior

Relationship Status: Single

Campus Involvement: 

Chi Omega Fraternity, Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society,Triathlon Club, Panorama, Director of Social Media for Her Campus, Contributing Editor for The Odyssey Online

Recently: Helping start up company, adRENTure, with marketing and social media! Check it out at adrentures.com


Meet Appalachian’s very own Sport Spice, Kalin Rierson. She’s also a member of our very own Her Campus team, in addition to the Odyssey, and most impressively- an athlete in the Triathalon club!

When asked about getting involved in triathlons, Kalin said it helped with her confidence.

“The word triathlon didn’t even really exist in my vocabulary until this past summer. My aunt challenged me to do one and naturally I didn’t want to be lame so I started training with her and even through all the painful bike crashes, my record is falling 8 times on the span of only one ride, I came to really enjoy the sport. Triathlons are very much a mental sport, which most people don’t realize. You can’t run to music, or have any help on the course without getting disqualified. If you pop a flat tire, you either have to replace it with a CO2 kit on the spot, or run the rest of the bike course while holding your bike. It’s definitely helped me become much more confident as an athlete, and made me realize how good it feels to be able to workout and clear your mind at the same time.  I might run slower than molasses on a cold day, but just knowing I can run is a confidence booster within itself.”

Kalin is a busy girl. She’s always studying, attending meetings, brainstorming, working, or training, yet she maintains a wonderful attitude and outlook. If you ask any of her friends, they’ll all tell you “Kale” will be the first to make someone laugh, or crack a smile after a bad day. She also copes with being busy by utilizing her Sunday afternoons…the right way.

“I wish I knew how I balanced it all. Luckily my meetings are pretty spaced out throughout the week, and I have other people I can depend on if I get stuck with writers block or like recently when I was sick and I have amazing assistants to take over social media postings for me.  I also pride myself on my to-do lists that I create throughout the week, usually when I’m not paying attention in class, and just crank everything out Sunday afternoon in between binge watching my newest Netflix obsession.”

Finally, we had to ask her the all forsaken question. Her dream date?

“I wish I could even come up with an awesome dream date. If there was a fun guy to take me out, I would want him to have it all planned out and I wouldn’t have to make a single decision all night. A nice meal, which would be extra nice it if were homemade from his mom’s favorite recipe.  Just that coupled with easy-going conversation and for him to laugh at all my corny jokes would be plenty enough for me.”


Jordan is a Freshman at Appalachian State working a degree in Communications and Public Relations. She's a member of the Theta-Nu chapter of Alpha Phi, and currently serves as the Director of Target Membership Marketing for the chapter. Jordan is an intern newsdesk reporter at The Appalachian campus paper. In her free time, she loves being lazy with the gent, Lee, and their puppies; Macey, Jack, and Ruby. Her dream job is to be a News Anchor.
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