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Meet the 2016-2017 Exec Team

Our 2016-2017 Her Campus App State exec team is very excited about this upcoming year. Being apart of Her Campus is very important to them, and being apart of this chapter is very special for them. They hope to make this year great and reach new heights with the chapter! 

Meet our 2016-2017 Her Campus App State exec team:

Paxton Shaw: Social Media Director

She’s the face behind our Twitter and Instagram posts. Paxton is a senior, public relations major with an English minor, from Gastonia, NC. She’s the business manager for the all-female a cappella group The Mountain Ayres. She also works at a cute little boutique in Blowing Rock called The Gilded Lily. Her dream career is to work for the Today Show or Jimmy Fallon (bae <3).  Even though it’s cheesy, the female she most admires is her mom (awe!) because she’s “fabulous and independent.” In her free time, Paxton spends way too much time at T.J. Maxx, looking for dogs because she really wants one at school, and watching TV.

Being apart of Her Campus has helped her form new friendships and grow as a writer and PR professional. Her goals for Her Campus this year: “I would like Her Campus to receive more recognition on campus and more followers on social media (follow us a like for a like ya know).”

You’re really missing out if you don’t follow us on social media. Paxton posts the best stuff!

Annabeth Rives: PR and Marketing Director

Annabeth is a junior advertising major with a minor in marketing, from Sanford, NC. She’s a meber of Sigma Kappa Sorority, Lamba Pi Eta, and Gamma Beta Phi. Her dream job is being an Account Executive for an ad agency. The woman she most admires is Kate Middleton. In her free time, Annabeth likes to hike, watch Netflix, hangout with friends and family, and visit the Humane Society.

Being apart of HC for her means inspiring and empowering women while getting valuable job experience. This year she hopes to “take the PR team to a whole new level while incorporating new ideas and planning awesome events.”

Jennifer La Bianca: Events Coordinator

Jennifer is a senior, public relations major from Indian Trail, NC. She’s a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, Volunteer Coordinator intern at Wine to Water, and a Barista at Starbucks. Her dream career is to be a pediatric oncology nurse. The woman she most admires is Emma Watson. In her free time she likes to do what we all like to do, write music, hang out with her friends, watch Grey’s Anatomy, take naps, and pet puppies.

Being apart of HC to her means “changing the world with just one voice. It only takes one voice to make a difference or to touch a heart.” If you know Jen, you know her articles hit you in your emotional feels. As Events Coordinator, Jen hopes to maintain a relationship with the staff as well as write articles that mean something to the general public that they can relate to.

Christiana Houser: Senior Editor

Christiana is junior, elementary education major from Cramerton, NC. Outside of Her Campus, she’s the Sisterhood Chair of Sigma Kappa. Her dream career is to be the best Kindergarten teacher she can be. Trust us, she’d make the PERFECT Kindergarten teacher! Taylor Swift is the female she most admires because she’s been in love with her since day one. “She is a strong advocate for women and she really stands up for the things she believes in. She doesn’t take crap from anyone (especially not Kimye) and she is never afraid to say what she feels.” Of course Christiana has been to all of her concerts too! In her free time, she can be found writing, playing her guitar, watching The Office, eating junk food, playing with her roommates’ dogs, or exploring her new love of cooking (though she’s still in the learning process.)

“Being a part of Her Campus is really important to me because it is a place where I am never put down for voicing my opinions. I have the support of an amazing team that always encourages me to share my voice and to never be afraid to write about a controversial topic. The fact that I was chosen to serve as Senior Editor still makes me proud because I feel like I have come such a long way since I first joined the team. I have really come out of my shell and I have my fabulous Her Campus team to thank for that. Her Campus is more than just submitting an article every week. Through this organization I have grown not only as a writer, but also as a teammate and team player. I have learned a lot about being dependable and organized and also about being a leader, even though I am still new to the whole Senior Editor thing.”

Christiana hopes to maintain our Pink Level status and create a cohesive group of women who work together making something great. “I would really love to expand our team so we can reach out to a broader range of audience and add to the diversity of our team as a whole. I want to move us more towards a current event and intelligent magazine rather than just the stuff you read when you have nothing else to do. I want our writing and our messages to actually mean something to someone.”

Taylor Dills: Co-Correspondent and Editor-in-Chief

Taylor is a senior, creative writing and film major with a minor in communications, from Sylva, NC. After college she hopes to move to California and write for a TV show, preferably one of Shonda Rhimes shows because she’s the queen of television. A woman she most admires is Mindy Kaling. “She doesn’t look like your typical Hollywood actresses. She encourages women to be themselves and embrace the way they look, even if people tell them they’re wrong. She writes and stars in her own show, which is the ultimate dream. Plus I think if we meat in real-life we’d be best friends because we’re basically the same person!” In her free time, Taylor writes stories, binge watches Gilmore Girls and The Office, watches and plays basketball, does home DIY’s, bakes, and cuddles with her fat cats and roommate’s dog.

“Being apart of Her Campus has given me a lot more confidence in my ability as a writer, and as a person. It has also brought out my leadership skills. Being apart of this team means a lot to me as we strive to show people women have something to say, and deserve to be heard. Being editor-in-chief and co-correspondent of this chapter has been a dream come true.”

Taylor hopes to make Her Campus App State more known around campus, and encourage students to join our team. She, of course, hopes to maintain our Pink Level status, but she also wants to help our team of writers grow as writers. “I want to be able to leave my position when I graduate and know what I helped and inspired my writers.” She wants to continue to show the world that college females have important thoughts and opinions and deserve to be heard.

Kacey Howard: Co-Correspondent and President

Kacey is a senior, journalism major from Concord, NC. She’s the Vice President of Alpha Delta Pi. Her dream career is to work for CNN as a reporter (check out our recruitment video to see her amazing reporting skills!) The female she most admires is Savannah Guthrie, a reporter on the Today Show. “She’s beautiful and smart and someone who I strive to be.” In her free time, Kacey enjoys the simple things in life, like sleeping, eating, working out, and watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.

“Being apart of HC means having a voice in the Appalachian community. I have met so many amazing people through HC and have had the chance to write about things that I find important. I have also made many connections that I know I will also use in the real world.”

Kacey hopes to expand the HC name across campus so that our student body is more familiar with the publication. “I hope to do this so people can enjoy reading our content and want to be involved with what we do too!” 

Do you want to be apart of this amazing team? The 2016-2017 Her Campus App State is always looking for new members! Apply today: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/J99T7ZL

Taylor currently works in television production in New York City. Her current project was for a Sesame Work Shop show called 'Helpsters' that is now streaming on AppleTV. While at Appalachian State University, Taylor majored in Film and Creative Writing. She enjoys reality TV, college basketball, binge-watching Netflix, eating Mexican food, and cuddling with her cats. Her dream is to be a television show writer. For inquries, she can be reached at taylorpdills@gmail.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/taylordills/
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