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March is full of basketball, basketball, and more basketball. It seems like March Madness is something everyone jumps in on, especially if you live in North Carolina. Lately, people have been putting their own spin on March Madness brackets, so we figured we’d make up our own version of the Final Four as songs we’ve been loving during the month of March.


Dancing With a Stranger – Sam Smith & Normani

Even though “Dancing With a Stranger” has been out since the beginning of the year, but we think it’s only gotten better with age. We never would’ve thought that Sam and Normani’s voices would’ve worked so well together, but we’re loving the combination of their two genres of music. This groovy pop meets R&B tune easily makes it into our Final Four.

Fake Smile – Ariana Grande

Honestly, ever since Ariana Grande’s album, “thank u, next,” was released, it seems like one of her new songs is always being played. Whether she’s on the radio, in commercials, and on your own playlists, Ariana has taken the pop world by storm. Our current favorite from the album is “Fake Smile.” The message behind the song, the beat and the extremely catchy bridge keeps us coming back over and over.


Wish You Were Gay – Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish has quickly become one of the most popular budding artists on the music scene. Her hard-to-label sound paired with meaningful lyrics make her stand out among other emerging artists right now. Billie’s newest song “Wish You Were Gay” has a stripped-back vibe and lyrics that portray a message that many people can relate to, whether they’d like to admit it or not — the feeling of wishing your crush were gay to explain why they aren’t interested in you as a way to save your pride.

Two of Us – Louis Tomlinson

So far Louis Tomlinson hasn’t put out much solo work, but “Two of Us” is by far our favorite track of his. Written as a tribute to his late mother, this song will definitely bring up some emotions the first time you listen to it. We definitely cried during our first listen. But if you give it another chance you can hear the message of hope that is interlaced in the lyrics. A message that things get better with time and that each day things get a little easier. Paired with a more upbeat tract, this song easily made it into our final four.  

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